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About Us

Hi There!

Wandering Soup - Black Lesbian Traveling Expats- is the home for Kat, Amber and our family. We are two Black Lesbian Expats who are in the middle of our "Wandering" journey of the world. We've lived in and or visited the following countries so far: Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Bali and Vietnam. Currently we live and love in Mexico!


Expect blogs on planningpackingvisas, home searches, products we like and the occasional picture of something that captures our interests. Make sure you follow us on our Youtube Channel & Instagram page!

Folks always ask where the name comes from, its really a play on who we are and what we do.


Wandering is pretty self explanatory, we are going to Wander as far as we can over the next few years. We are also both "eaters", hence the "Soup" part of of Wandering Soup. Amber is a Pesky Vegan although every now and then a piece of salmon appears magically on her plate. Kat on the other hand eats everything, well except stuff that tastes "green".  We will be sharing our love of all things edible here and abroad. 

Join us on our journey.

Kat & Amber

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