Traveling Parents: Here's a Tissue

Packing up and preparing for your trip is not the same for any two people. For parents there is an entirely different process than for anyone else (some crying included), and I was reminded of that last night and wanted to share my steps in this process. 1. Tap all your people a couple of days before you leave: I am fortunate to have a group of folks involved in parenting with me. I don't do this alone by any means; there are parents, guardians, cousins/play cousins and grandparents in the mix (love my village). So, I am usually relying on one or more of these folks to stand in when I have to be away. I ask the favor with plenty of advance notice because it just makes sense. But I also know

What's in your bag? | Wandering Travel Tours

It's almost time to pack for Greece. I'm trying to be pro-active and that means I will be packing two days prior to the trip instead of the day of. Mentally I've picked everything out and...that counts as packing to me. Here are a few things that I pack for every trip, no matter how short or long. Honestly continuity keeps me from leaving things at home that I really need. 1. Passport and passport holder - I carry mine on all flights, local or international. Mainly to stay in the habit of having it on me and secondly because it's accepted as an official form of ID around the world. I have two, a wallet style and the other is a neck wallet. 2. Travel size bottles - I carry two different soap

Fine Dining or....not

Amber is a Pesky-Vegan, and I'm a carnivore who doesn't like veggies. Fortunately, we are both foodies. Essentially everything will get eaten on the plate. We are going to break it down again with a Top 5 because compromise is the key! Oh, I gotta let ya'll know that I'm sorta cheap, and I have placed us on a budget of $250 for the week food wise. Amber's soul sorta died inside when I gave her that number, but I'm serious. See toast and jam above. I'll let you know what the end cost was when we return. Now on to Top 5! Kat's Top 5 Belly Picks 1. Chocolate Royal -I picked this place because it was listed on multiple sites as the go-to place. Honestly the menu looks rather plain, so I'm slight

Top 5 in 5 - Athens, Greece

Amber and I have made all these plans about what we are going to see and eat in Athens. Mind you we only have 5 days, 2 days of our trip are strictly for travel. And that's just life right? Keeping in mind that I like to live like a local while traveling AND see everything within that particular city in whatever time frame I have, I figured we would actually get to see a lot of Athens. And then Amber presented me with a list of must see's. Her must see's were longer than my bucket list for two lifetimes. Here's our compromise. We both listed our top 5 must see's (with expected overlap) and those are the things we will attempt to do. Kat's Top 5 1. Acropolis - This was sort of a no brainer h

Have kids. Will travel.

We are moving around–ALOT. Soon the children and I will be moving from North Carolina to Georgia to live with my wife (yes, congratulations are in order!). And we already have plans to move overseas as a family within the next two years. We got a lot going on, as they say. And then there’s the trip to Greece in less than two weeks. The adults only/ grown and sexy/ 40 and fine trip. A sista needs this trip like soup needs crackers, like melanated skin needs moisture, like my lips need her …. Did I say I need this trip? As a parent, there’s the conflict in leaving and sometimes wondering if you can have too much of a good time when away from your children. As a woman and mother less than two w

Packing for Greece!

And other places. Currently Amber lives in NC and I live in GA. This matters because every time Amber visits she brings a trunk. Seriously. Enough clothes for two to three weeks for multiple people. I'm slightly concerned about her packing for Greece. Slightly. Below are tips that I've shared based strictly on previous trips. They work for me and hopefully they will work for you. Let me know what you think in the comments. 1. Packing Cubes - They are great for keeping you organized and segmented. I don't believe that they actually save on space but it works for me. I break mine down into 4 categories. a. Top's b. Bottom's c. PJ's and socks d. Bathroom gear and medicine's 2. Pack for daily co

Wandering Soup- Kat's Version of things

Wandering Soup is an interesting name right? But it fits Amber and I to the T right now as we plan the next few steps in our life. We travel. We eat. We share. That's a quick encapsulation of our soon to be journey. A journey that started with a simple message many moons ago. Do you ever... And went from there. To here. And here is a beautiful thing. We fell in love. I'm hoping that's obvious. If not, there you have it. Fell in like enough to forego distance and do a lot of meet and to. Fell in like, that led to love, that led to marriage. I's married now. We's married now. Along this pathway of like to love, we've decided to jump into new things. New things meaning our love of

Living like a local

As I mentioned I like living like a local when traveling. I prefer to stay in one city and just explore all the ins and outs. In reality this may be my only trip here so I want to see more than the top attractions and the airport/train station. I want to walk the neighborhoods. Talk to the locals. Sit down and breathe for a minute or two with no plans outside of living. Being in the moment. Speaking of living and sleeping, we found a fantastic apartment with BlueGround Apartments. We actually found them via Homeaway. A site that I love that is very similar to AirBnB but a tad bit better in my opinion. More business like and less mom and pop rentals with a side of racism that AirBnB seems to

Greece for Two

We, she and I are heading to Greece. A trip that was supposed to be for two, changed to four and is now two again. Just a different two. A great two. Similar to the first two. Love right? It will also be the first Wandering Soup trip that's vlogged, pictured and blogged about here and on IG. Slightly exciting I must admit. I've told Amber that I'm a private person and really attempt to curate what I share online. In essence I share maybe 20% of my life, which is turning into our life. Sharing whether I want to or not. And I'm not complaining just adjusting. To US. And speaking of us, this will be our first trip together. After the fact. That's a joke. Not a good one but a joke nonetheless.

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