Solo Tripping

Solo tripping, yep it's a big deal. Everything we see regarding traveling is mainly geared to couple or groups trips. Add in the friends/family conversations that also talk of vacationing as a couple/group. No one really ever says "Hey you! Go, travel alone". Nope doesn't happen. I get it. It's not socially natural. Humans like to be together, making Instagram memories and stuff. Well I'm here to encourage you to try solo traveling. I think it's something everyone needs to do at least once. I liken it to moving away from home after finishing high school or college, if only for a year or two. Find yourself without a support system in place. Find what you like, don't like without catering to o

As a Lesbian

Traveling with a partner is the start of a new journey for me. I have never been married before, and my wife and I both love travel, so with Kat, it is an entirely different experience. With her, I am able to be affectionate at any time because we are both the touchy-feely type. I am used to walking with her and holding her hand or touching her. When we travel, the challenge then becomes considering where it is safe to do this and where it is not. With children, we have to take this consideration even more seriously. I believe in living life out loud as much as possible, but I am acutely aware that everywhere isn’t Atlanta, or New York, or San Francisco. When abroad, I want to love on my wi


We're back. Life is settling into routine once again, and yet I'm online looking for our next trip or even a solo trip for self. Yep. I'm slightly addicted to traveling. Or maybe the idea of traveling because I honestly dislike the long flights that tend to be a part of my trips. Instant gratification should be my middle name because I want it. Now. Either way we are sitting still for the next few months as a couple. Amber is doing a family cruise this summer. My maybe solo trip is going to be something cheap and less than 5hrs by air. I'm not looking to pull out any compression socks til our trip to Spain later on this year. Speaking of Spain, Barcelona in fact, we have not looked for lodgi

Moms Be Like

Have you ever noticed that we as mothers are not the same people when away on a vacation? 10 Signs of a mom on vacation: 1. Stays up most of the night for no good reason except because it's a vacay and she can. 2. Has to stop at every store to scan for things to buy out of guilt for the people she went on the trip to get away from. 3. Drinks coffee at random times throughout the day. 4. Rationalizes drinking wine at whatever o'clock (to wind down from the coffee). 5. Eats dessert for breakfast (also: lunch or dinner) 6. All of a sudden knows every song/dance at the bar/event. 7. Karaoke 8. Talks it up with strangers although she's warned children not to. 9. Advocates for dinner out instead o

Top 10 Tips for Athens, Greece | Wandering Travel Tours

We made it. To and fro from Athens, Greece. Great trip but we have to admit there were a few things we wished folks had mentioned to us. Since they didn't we shall share what we discovered. Throw your tips in the comments! 1. Athens is an old old city and the major attractions are relatively close to each other if you pick your lodging carefully. We stayed in a great area that was essentially on a cross street between Plaka and Syntagma Square. Both happen to be major tourist destinations. Read reviews carefully before booking and use google-maps to get a visual on how far you are from where you want to go if walking. Do walk. It's a great way to see this fantastic city. 2. Use public trans

What had happened was... | Wandering Travel Tours

When I tell you this was an interesting trip in more than one way. Believe me. Just believe me. If not, here's a brief recap. Video telling coming soon and a more detailed blog on sites seen and tips for Athens from both of our perspectives. Weather.. Let's start with the Nor'easter that popped up the night before we were scheduled to depart or rather Amber was scheduled to depart. She was flying out of Raleigh to NYC and then on ward to Greece. I was departing from Atlanta with nothing but cloudy skies to contend with. To be honest Delta sent an email saying hey you guys you just might wanna reschedule this trip. We debated and thought that lady luck would be on our side and she would depar

Travel Reads: Magic Bleeds and Children of Blood and Bone

The downtime of a trip is never a low point for me. Those periods between flights, waiting for a bus or Uber, or when I should be asleep but can't fall asleep become the perfect moments to pick up a book I've been reading or trying to start. I was ravenous for this trip because I had two new books waiting on me ripe and ready. I also had one that I'd had to put down right before the last few chapters and hadn't had an opportunity to pick it up in a couple of weeks. So the first leg of my flight (about an hour and a half) was spent knocking that baby out. The series is by Ilona Andrews, and I was finishing the third book: Magic Strikes. For those of you who haven't read the series, you shou

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