Kim is "Tripping With Olivia Travel"

Here on Wandering Soup, we are always talking about solo, couple and, in the future, family travel. What we don't talk about is group or organized travel. That situation was easily remedied when a friend of mine celebrated her bornday by going to Cancun Mexico with Olivia Travel. I told her to enjoy but expect some questions when you get back! Below is the conversation that was had. Enjoy and here's to seeing you on an Olivia Travel trip in the not so distant future. First question is always the easiest, who is Kim J? Event planner and organizer with the LGBTQ community for over 15 years; an advocate for the rights of Women and Girls, and a community advocate in the City of Detroit. I’m a De

Hotels, Hostels or AirBnB?

I've done all three, well technically not AirBnB more VRBO(Homeaway) and I've found that there are pro's and con's to all. In the end it's really going to be up to you and what you like on your vacation. Below are some simplistic pros and cons from my point of view. Hotels Pros: Loyalty points and rewards. If you join their rewards program you have a higher priority in getting a room on that busy holiday weekend and possibly getting the good view from that suite all the way up on the east side. Also, you know what to expect...sorta. All hotels aren't equal but if you lean toward 4 or 5 stars you "should" receive 4 or 5 star accommodations and amenities such as in room coffee/tea, cable, stea

Traveling Reads and Traveling T's!

Are you summer ready? For us, summer so far has meant nights next to each other working or binge-watching a newfound favorite series. We have been able to indulge in delicious time together while the kiddos are on their own summer vacation. We have also tackled multiple transitions: moving in, job changes, riding up and down the highway. Being able to sit together in quiet closeness for extended periods is nothing less than a gift. It has been another honeymoon of sorts, and I have not taken any of it for granted. But two focused Tauruses can only sit still for so long. We have added Traveling T's to the site because we TRAVEL OUT LOUD and want you to be able to do so as well. T's available

Testing...1 2 3

I started writing this blog from so many angles in my head that I honestly don't know where it will end up. Will it be travel related? Personal? Will one of the kids have moved my stuff or Amber fried a piece of salt pork and passed it off as a pork chop. Similar to them field peas she made with extra extra extra salt. I ate them though. Cause honestly them thangs was good with my cornbread. She likes cooking together. Or watching me cook. One of the two. My last post was about transition and this one is about life. I have so many things going on that I'm attempting to not be over run by them. I'm taking a few days to just breathe. Lay on my couch and just breathe. We are attempting this mov

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