Living Abroad- Cambodia

Our plans are simple. Move abroad. Live happily and relatively cheaply. And by cheaply I mean to a country or countries that are cheap. We've honed in on South East Asia because..well it's cheap and it appears to be the "hot spot." Hot doesn't necessarily mean easy, especially since most of SE Asia requires a Visa to enter and to stay. We've focused on four countries and decided to share with you what we've found. Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. All because they are cheap. And by cheap I mean the cost of living to include rent and food by American standards, add to that the ease of getting a visa, terms and cost. Below is a beginners break down of what we've found so far regarding

Visa...what's that? Another passport?

I'm not going to lie, when I first started traveling I thought a Visa and Passport were the same thing and was sitting confused in a conversation with a friend as they discussed the need to get one. In my mind once I got the passport I was good to go AND the world was now my oyster. Well the world with Wi-Fi and AC, just keeping it real. I did some googlefu and realized rather quickly that they are not one and the same AND ( I keep using that in caps cause I wanna) your passport determines which countries you can visit. Meaning not every country wants you. Well not you but Fortunately I'm an American and the oyster size is still pretty good, almost excellent as determined by Henle

The Business of AirBnB'ing w/ LA Adams

For many months I've been noticing LA Adam's posts on Facebook as she spoke on growing her personal self and wealth. I was slightly surprised when she stated that she was in the business of AirBnB. Not surprised enough to not ask for an interview about being a part of this amazing industry. Below is our conversation. Join in, ask a question or two. What brought you into the AirBnB business?​ How long? -I was driving for Uber part time my daughter’s last two years of high school. One of the drivers started doing AirBnb and was very successful and started an Airbnb Facebook group to encourage drivers to start doing Air BnB for extra cash or as a primary money source. I joined the group and got

Barcelona on a Budget!

I'm sorta cheap, I know this. It doesn't bother me at all. I say when you start falling in love you look for different vacation areas cause the one you loving on has ideas on where she wanna go. So here we are now, just now, looking for lodging cause life and other things have taken precedence. And these prices. These prices. My soul is hurt. I'm cheap. I don't mind admitting that. I get really happy when I find great lodging at a reasonable price. Barcelona is not the city for reasonable. Matter of fact, reasonable isn't in the description for any lodging we have seen. Everything under $700 for the week looks like we gonna come back home with guests. The four-legged biting kind. That or the

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