What's behind the rainbow?

This summer has been fruitful so far, Traveling Folk is busy, Traveling T's & Traveling Reads are both up and running , the crew started school. Now they only eat us out of house and home from 5pm to 9pm. Seriously I think one eats enough for three people daily and still talking about what's next. Air. That's what next... AND the announcement of our next big thing, Wandering Soup -Traveling Group! We are planning to take a group of LGBTQ folks on a 7 day trip next year. Let me rephrase that because I don't want anyone to think that we paying for anything. We are instead going to "curate" a trip for those that are interested. We've been debating on places. International. 12 to 14hr flight ma

Living Abroad - Vietnam

As mentioned our plans are simple. We are moving abroad to SE Asia. With the goal being to live happily and relatively cheaply, along with a few other things that we went into via our latest podcast and Veeeelog. Take a listen here, see us here. We are also writing a series of 4 blogs dedicated to each country that we are considering living in and visiting for some length of time. Cambodia was our first blog, followed by Malaysia and now up next is Vietnam. Full disclosure, I've been to Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City aka Saigon) and found it hot as hell. Like seriously questioning how humans live there hot. Even still is on our list because I found it beautiful, historical and of course cheapish.

Living Abroad - Malaysia

Malaysia Move abroad. Experience. Grow. And, live happily and cheaply in the process--that's our goal. We also thought we would of course share with everyone what we've found as we make this big decision, akin to the "big chop!" Natural hair sistas will get that..lol We are considering four countries: Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand. We already discussed Cambodia in depth (hopefully) and next up is Malaysia. As we are exploring, we are realizing there are more things we need or want besides cheap. Well me maybe-- Kat is still stuck on cheap. We've discussed a few things on our podcast. Take a listen! You ready? Here we go. Visa- First up, visa or no visa? –There is an e-visa proces

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