Fat Girl Flying

You know I'm feeling really good right now, slightly tired after a whirlwind day of packing, deciding and discussing the kids and how they will live for the next week. Let alone ensuring that everything for Spain is taken care of for us. But I'm feeling good, well I was. About 16 minutes ago it hit me that I would be flying tomorrow and the apprehension set in, started thinking on the actual flight. I like flying. I hate flying while fat. To quantify, I hate the small ass seats and tight spaces that don't contain all of my curves. I overflow. And in this instance overflow ain't nothing nice. And due to the overflow I spend extra energy and time on picking seats, researching and insisting on

We ain't even much packed..

Four days out and I haven't even looked at our suitcase. I said our cause these baggage fees is having a sister reduced to one bag for two people for a week. Honestly I'm not worried, Luv on the other hand is an over packer of the highest order. She is on the board of directors of Overpackers R Us. She's also looking a little upset and requesting that I pack first. Not because of love, she just wants to know how much extra room she may have. I've wrote a blog about packing so there is nothing extra to report here except to say I am keeping it light! We have a washer/dryer in our AirBnB and I'm not above doing a load of laundry on vacation. I will be sporting tee's and harem pants for a week

Shero Luv....it happens

My heroes don’t appear on no stamp. Not most of them anyway— My recent (notsogreat) memory tells me that Langston Hughes and Lorraine Hansberry have both graced the American stamp at one time. But by and large, queer folks of color are not the people that are touted and praised in the mainstream. That’s why I love co-facilitating Wandering Soup with my wife and partner-in-crime. This outfit and others like it on social media are where we can boast and brag, without shame or restraint, about our heroes and our sheroes (also at Shades Retreat).  And I have plenty.  I get lofty with James Baldwin while at the same time getting low with Chika Oranika. I have a passion for food, so the queer ch

Barbecue Club

By some odd quirk of fate I have become a member of a barbecue or supper club. We meet once a month at a local BBQ spot, matter of fact we are following this list and checking it twice - Atlanta's Best BBQ. So far so damn good. I've been to a few on my own but to go with folks and talk smoke rings and other bbq stuff is rather interesting. On a side note I am a huge BBQ competition fan, I've watched hours of this stuff on TV and in my mind I am now a judge. I can spot an overcooked brisket 30 feet away. One day I might open my own spot. Who knows. If so print out a copy of this blog and get a free sammich...lol At this last meeting of the BBQ club we got into politics over 2 meats and a si

5 More of 10-Barcelona, Spain

In the last blog, I shared the places I've planned for us to hit up in Spain. So far, so good on that front. Now I'm trying to see where we can go to get our grown, gay, and sexy on. There are some legendary spots in Spain that I think we would be remiss not to visit  (being the black lesbian cultural ambassadors we are). This list includes a few of these: 1.Versailles - Described on TripAdvisor as a "great and authentic gay bar," had me wondering what an "unauthentic" gay bar looks like. But, it's good information to know. Apparently, this is one of the oldest gay venues in Spain and is known for its excellent service, drinks, and (mostly) English-speaking staff. This place is definitely a

Traveling Conversations

Apparently, I have powers. I can't see dead people, but if I could, they would probably talk me to death. My situation is that no matter where I go people seem compelled to talk to me. And I'm not talking regular, polite conversation. I mean, I often learn way more than I'd planned or hoped to learn about a random stranger by the end of the conversation. Even yesterday at the night market with my wife, someone started up a conversation with us while we were dancing in a parking lot (yes, my wife seems to have the same affliction). We still are not sure what she was saying (and Prince was playing so it shouldn't even matter). Traveling is no exception. When I am on the road or in the air, fol

WS-Atlanta International Night Market

We went. And honestly I should probably stop here because the experience wasn't that great. They moved it to bumblef^ck Alpharetta so technically it should be Alpharetta International Night Market. It was in an active mall parking lot and parking was horrible unless you were open to walking a country mile. The year before in October the mall was old, let's be honest, but there was plenty of parking. I will say they had shuttles that just rambled through and stopped at clusters of folks. Yea! The festival itself is cheap (though it did increase in price from last year) and gaining entrance was a simple process. Once inside it was packed. And therein lies the problem. The space just wasn't as

Five of Ten - Barcelona Spain

I'm hype about the trip to Spain to say the least. I am also the one mapping out our itinerary which means Where I Say Goes. In essence, I'm stoked. We Travel. We Eat. We Share. That is Wandering Soup. So eating good is definitely a priority. But Spain is also an LGBTQ oasis of sorts, so I am definitely planning for us to get to the gay-friendly venues/hangouts. More on all of that in another blog. So far, I have identified 10 must-sees for Barcelona. Five are below. Let me know if you've think I've missed anything on this list that should be added to the next list of five. 1. Las Ramblas - This is a central boulevard in Barcelona and an essential part of any visit to the country (so we've b

New things...

New things, new air, new air... Let me repeat that new air. I am, or rather I have sought new air. This translates to I jumped. And by jumped I mean quit my 9 to 5. A 9 to 5 that I had been at for 5+ years and was highly successful. I was promoted two times, manager, salary increases, corner office (no view) and relatively free reign in regards to my hours and processes. And yet in the last few months, probably longer, I've been dreading going into work. Tension filled my body every Sunday night and relief entered only on Friday, possibly a Thursday. So I quit. Earlier than planned. But I'm good. We good. Flying. Escape pod launched. Now mind you we talked about it. Planned the spontaneity

10 Places We "Might" Go

We're officially gearing up for our trip to Barcelona, Spain. The itinerary is mapped out (for us in Barcelona and for the kids while we are away). Does anyone else have to come up with work for their children when going away to make sure they stay busy enough to stay out of any trouble? That's another topic for another day. For now, here are the 10 sights we have our eyes on in Barcelona, in no particular order or at least that's what I'm telling Kat, who is leaving the planning up to me. Hopefully, we will make it to all. I will be thrilled if we get to some. 1. La Basilica de Sagrada Familia 2. Las Ramblas 3. Museo de Erotica 4. Park Guell 5. Montserrat 6. Versailles (historic gay bar) 7.

Freedom to change...

We are changing our plans. Maybe. Our goal was to leave in 2020, we moved that up to late 2019 and yet again a casual question was asked or maybe a thought was expressed and here we are. Changing things around, flying... I would reveal the new dates but honestly that may change again so why bother. Just know we are "flying" sooner than later. Maybe. Because we may change our mind again. And I'm enjoying this. This ability to change direction whenever for whatever. Be they big or small, whenever's or whatever's. I'm enjoying Freedom in general. Notice I put a big ol "F" on Freedom. Because to a certain extent I am free. Free for the first time in a mighty mighty long time. I asked a question

Why SE Asia?

As you know we wrote a series of blogs about the four countries that we are considering moving to in the not so distant future. Feel free to read up on our opinions and google searched information. It's been fun, to say the least. Indoor toilets in all and honestly that was a high point in our search. In the midst of sharing our four blogs, we sorta realized we may have not shared all of our reasons and our requirements. Not that we had to but if you are following along on this journey, why not? 1. It's Cheap. Really this was our first consideration. And by cheap we mean cheap by American standards. We want to live, not work to live. In essence we don't want every paycheck going into materia

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