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Wandering Soup - Traveling Folk We are attempting new things or maybe more along the lines of continuing what we are doing in a professional vein. We travel. We talk about traveling. We eat. Bad or good. We share traveling tips. We share our traveling experiences. And now we are "becoming" Travel Agents, actually that should be "are" Travel Agents. That's right we have turned our passion into our business. We, Amber and I, hope to share our love of travel with you by offering the best travel plans, all inclusive packages and destinations at the best prices. We are the one stop shop for solo experiences, group destination trips, cruises and once in a life time destination trips. Search our si

Lured in by the Tourist Trap

It’s no secret that we travel in search of amazing, once-in-a-lifetime food. Our trip to Barcelona was part of that mission. For weeks before, I was having dreams of rich rice dishes, sumptuous pasta, and veggies sautéed in the best olive oil (I may be a little one-track-minded.) But we did what should be the rule of what NOT to do when traveling: We got caught in the tourist trap. I admit that it is a decidedly more comfortable place to be in. We had easy metro access to all the main thoroughfares and shopping attractions, and we took advantage of it. It was convenient, clean, and relatively easy to follow (even with my barely-there Spanish). And it feels pretty safe as well, which means a

Flying and all it's perks

I wrote that with a little bit of sarcasm, see my earlier post. On the flip side of that post I honestly don't mind flying, its quick, I don't have to drive, I get to nap, watch a movie and possibly eat. Can't ask for anything more than that. Well maybe you can and below is a mini review of the airlines and the airports we flew in and out of for our trip to Barcelona. As previously mentioned we purchased a cheap ticket via TAP Portugal to Barcelona from Boston. We chose Boston vs New York because...I don't even know, I honestly think it was because I wanted to try TAP. Add on the cost to get to Boston and the luggage fee's it would have been "easier" and maybe $50 more to fly out of Atlanta

The food...alas the food in Barcelona

I should start this out by saying, I travel to eat. Seriously. Outside of the museums and new air, food is my traveling motivator. I was geeked about Spain and looking forward to all the eats, the tapa eats. Mind you a friend who is living in and out of Spain, warned me, she warned me ya'll. She said it ain't right or righteous. I thought, nope she just not eating right. Right? Nope. She was right, righteously right. The first day we stopped at this little spot in the neighborhood we would be living in. That's another soon to come blog. But anyway, the food was not good but I figured you know this was a one off and the rest of the trip would be fantastic. Plus I was tired and irritable and d

Sightseeing in Barcelona

We did it. Not all I'm sure but enough, at least for this trip. We easily walked 5 to 7 miles daily. Let me repeat that...5 to 7 miles daily. All in the pursuit of the next best thing to see, eat and smell. As mentioned Barcelona is beautiful, a modern city with grown folk roots. Open fairways, long meandering blocks, up and down hill, neighborhood bakeries, coffee spots and boucheries. We saw it all, within that 5 to 7 mile walk. The new sneakers I purchased crapped out on the third day, I don't blame them. They were not meant for the wear and tear I did to them. Our first real day, we started late and honestly perfectly at La Rambla, which is really just a street in Barcelona. A long famo

Barcelona...owes us nothing

Except most of the money spent in restaurants. Most, not all but most definitely applies. And I'm not saying it was horrible, but it was bad meaning bad, not bad meaning good. If you're over 35 you will get that reference. Once you move past the food, Barcelona was beautiful. Breathtaking even. Gaudi's work is amazing, the city is laid out in an easy manner, public transportation is fantastic and outside of the food, not that expensive to live in. We arrived on an early Sunday afternoon, took the train to our home away from home via AirBnB and settled in to a late lunch at a sidewalk cafe. Great introduction, beautiful weather...and so so so so food. This should have been a hint of our upcom

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