Letting Go...

It's that time of year to let go as the old year departs and the new year begins. Here is a list of "Traveling" things that we suggest you let go. 1. Expecting more than a seat in economy. Yep. You got the cheap seat for a reason, you cheap. And as such you should not expect real plates, forks and knives or complete silence on that 8 hr flight to your dream destination. If the seat lays back and you can watch free movies, it's a win! 2. Expecting airplane food to be good. It's just not. Eat and accept that. 3. This ain't America. You didn't travel 12 hours in a hot box cramped seat with subpar food to compare everything to America. Let it go or go back home. 4. A regular sized bathroom. Let

Working from home

I'm not going to lie, this has not been an easy transition for me for a number of reasons, the main one being that my couch and bed are near. Seriously. I am so tempted to take a nap or go veg in front of the TV. Every day. Every other hour. My adult attention span that only extends to reading Reddit while on the toilet or random Facebook posts where folks tell all their business, was not built for this life. To help I've "forced" myself" into a schedule of sorts. I'll share because...that's the point of the blog post right? --Wake up. Yep. This is the start of the schedule. But the interesting part of this is that I'm not a morning person, or really an evening person...somewhere in the mid

Traveling Folk

We have a Facebook Group that I started a couple of years ago maybe less, I'm getting old. Anyway in that group I post flight deals. You know those last minute deals to places you never thought you would go and then here it comes a $99 deal to Iceland or a $106 deal to Guatemala. All those places. And yes those were actual deals that I purchased. Each trip was fantastic if only because I paid so little. The "economic" little being inside of me was pleased! When I decided to turn this traveling hobby into a business I wondered how to transition to a full service "person" and away from the person who only wants the trip if it's next to nothing in cost. That isn't always logical, Barcelona, wa

Catching Up!

It's cold outside and I want to curl up on the couch and veg out with a bag of chips, hot chips. Not the Taiki's the kids love, those are weird. Just regular hot chips. Instead I am launching this business, gearing up for Shades Retreat, and working on plans B, C and D. In the middle of all of this is the wife and kids. It's honestly great. Mentally exhausting at times but really great. I've woken up with a smile daily...and a cup of coffee. I'm limiting myself to one cup a day in the New Year. Maybe. And speaking of new, yesterday was my last official day with my old job after giving it up two "whole" months ago. They gave me a nice going away luncheon and some loot! Always nice. New luggag

What to get your favorite traveler(and that might be you).

We're planning our big move and saving our coins along with trying to do a little something for our loved ones this year. As such we like to know what someone REALLY wants or could use at this time of the year vs oh here's a "pretty". Now there's nothing wrong with a pretty under a tree but sometimes useful may be better. If you have a traveler on your list, then we've got ideas that are sure to fulfill, delight and please your favorite frequent flyer (she is me--and she might be you, and that's okay too!) Blanket There is always going to be a cold spot somewhere: on the plane, waiting at the airport, etc. A travel blanket is the unasked for gift that you wish you had asked for. It will alwa

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