Family "LGBTQI" Friendly Vacation | Wandering Travel Tours

It's almost time to start planning your family spring break or possible summer vacation. Below are a few things and places to help you decide on the perfect spot for you and your loved ones. Tips 1. Start putting coins away now. Travel for two or more is inherently pricey. 2. Use a payment plan if possible. There are sites now that allow you to pay on your airline ticket and most vacations through a travel company that offers payment plans. 3. Pre-pay for all the excursions that you want to go on. This will also help you plan out your day-to-day activities and cut down on spending once on your vacation. It will also help with sticker shock! Where to Go! 1. Reykjavik, Iceland Iceland is frequ

5 Ways To Be a Tourist in Your City! | Wandering Travel Tours

We live in the great southern city of Atlanta, Georgia (well near enough) and honestly we love it. The weather is great most of the year, top notch restaurants, beautiful museums and parks. What isn't there to love? Even with knowing all that we know about the city, we still seek out new things to do and of course new places to eat. Below are our 5 Tips/Sites for exploring your hometown as a tourist. 1. Yelp! We have to start out with the food because we are Wandering Soup! and Yelp is our first go-to when looking for the latest and greatest restaurants and even food trends. We attempt to find a new place to try monthly. We would do more but we have our favorites for a reason. And bills. We

5 Things My Dog | Wandering Soup

Has taught me about living... I was sitting on my couch and staring into nothingness, when my doggie caught my eye. Mainly because she was staring at me...with no blinking of those big black eyes of hers (see pic above for an example). I got up and let her out to go outside. Essentially that's what she was telling me. That she wanted to go outside. Her silent staring got me to thinking about life and how she keeps it simple. Below are the 5 "Things" my fur baby has taught me about living. 1. Get rest. Nap. Sleep. Close your eyes. Whatever you want to call it. Just get plenty of it daily. Make resting as much a priority as working and eating. And speaking of eating... 2. Eat all the good food

Traveling Costs | Wandering Travel Tours

You can read that in two ways, traveling cost as an absolute or listing the cost of traveling. Either way...traveling costs money. A few weeks ago I did a quick survey (thanks to all who participated!) and in that I found out that some don't realize the real cost of traveling and sorta assume that it's either really lower than reality or even possibly higher. I also realized that most tend to think only of the flight and lodging when planning a vacation, which is totally not the case. Below are a few quick tips to assist in bringing a dash of reality to your future traveling. 1. The flight. Try to get the best deal you can. This may mean traveling when you least expected to or maybe even wan

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