So you have a Felony/DUI and want to travel | Wandering Travel Tours

In most cases in life you do your crime, serve your time and move on. When it comes to traveling the system isn't always as forgiving. Lets start with If you have a felony. More than likely this won't prevent you from getting a passport. Once you've served your time, paid restitution and you're no longer on probation you should be able to apply and get a passport. Should be being the operative word. Now if you are considered worthy of being on a watch list or for some reason the U.S. govt determines you a risk then...nope. Also you have to be current on your child support. I like this rule. Male or female. You applied, got it. Where can you go? A lot of places actually, concentrate on those

Where to Vacation - for LGBTQI of Color | Wandering Travel Tours

Let's be honest there is no Black Gay Utopia, so I'm not going to pretend in this blog. What I will share are places that may be the best of Things change, we move forward and sometimes backwards so do your own research before vacationing or possibly relocating. We've tackled where to go for Families, Where NOT to go and now here's the "hot" list for everyone else, everyone else being singles, couples and groups with an emphasis on safety for people of color. On a side note, recently I was in a discussion in one of the many travel groups that I'm a part of and a woman of color, Black, asked about going to Russia solo and if she would have any issues with racism. Another young lady

Cruising with Wandering Soup

You've asked, we've asked and here it is, our first Wandering Soup Cruise! We are cruising to 3 Countries in 8 Days! Singapore, Thailand & Malaysia SAVE up to $4000 when reserving a balcony room or above by February 12th. You receive: Free Open Bar Free Specialty Dining Free Shore Excursion Credits Free Wifi Friends & Family Sail Free (minus taxes and port fees) Free/Reduced Round Trip Air If you reserve an Ocean view, you get three of the above free. An inside room you can choose one. $50 Deposit thru February 28, 2019 Click Here To Reserve #WanderingSoupSails #WanderingSoup #WSTravelingFolk #LGBTQTravels

Where "NOT" to go | Wandering Travel Tours

Everyone asks where should we go that's safe for LGBTQI Travelers and we've slightly answered that for Families. While doing research it almost became easier to suggest where not to go! Below is a list that of course can and will change as society and life changes. Feel free to add your suggestion in the comments. Jamaica We've been told several times that Jamaica is safe EVEN though all the laws of the land say otherwise. Personally we aren't going BUT we are also not stopping you from going. Remember if you are targeted for being LGBT, don’t expect to be protected by the government; officials are known to condone and participate in antigay violence. Russia Point blank and to the point...

5 Quick Tips for Packing! | Wandering Travel Tours

I am a one bag per trip woman, Amber on the other hand thinks five or more is perfectly acceptable. And I admit that she's really cute when we are walking around vs my more utilitarian look. But still I have one bag and she has five. Four of which I have to help her with. I am slowly moving her over to the less is more philosophy of thought and wanted to share some tips with you on how to pack. Maybe she'll read this and learn also. Maybe. 1. Make a packing list. Check it twice and eliminate non essential items that will only be used once or items that can't be purchased cheaply on your travels. 2. Never check essential items or anything that has "high" monetary value, this includes medicine

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