Travel Insurance vs Health Insurance | Wandering Travel Tours

Is there a difference...yep. I was talking with Frenchie Davis, who is currently on a once in a lifetime tour of SE Asia, performing and living her best life. Follow her journey, don't be a jerk. She blocks with the mighty hammer of Thor. Anyway we were discussing a migration to SE Asia, Thailand for her and Cambodia for us and medical insurance because life is real and the body needs care. Good care. She mentioned the great deal she got on Travel Insurance and I mentioned the great deal I received on Health Insurance for the entire family. That discussion made me realize that not everyone knows the difference and today would be a good day to share that difference. In a nutshell Travel insu

5 Best Travel Apps | Wandering Travel Tours

We all have these things called cell phones with which we use to manage our lives, even if it's only our lives on Facebook and IG. I personally attempt to limit the number of apps on my phone because I'm old and stodgy and don't like clutter in real life or on my phone. All that being said below are my top 5 travel Apps, the ones I actually let my phone update. 1. WhatsApp - This is a no brainer, it's the easiest/freest (is that a word??) way to keep in contact with friends and family when traveling along with giving you the ability to contact your hotel, airline or uber driver. You can call, video chat, text, send images, and voice memos. Plus, you can download WhatsApp on your Windows

Backpacks, Carry-on's & Suitcases | Wandering Travel Tours

We are gearing up for the big move and talking bags, travel bags: Back packs, carry on's and suitcases. We have decided on one "big" family bag that contains essentials in Cambodia. It will include things like decent sheets, soaps, towels and other things that we think we need but honestly probably won't miss. We also all get one personal bag that will be checked. This one should contain clothes and things of that nature. Mine will contain T-shirts and these and socks, lots of socks. Don't ask me why but socks seem to disappear around me. And of course sneakers. Which is an entirely different blog because I'm debating on those to, in my head. Functional but cute is my goal. Throw some recom

If You Had 10 Thousand Dollars, Where Would You Go?

So many great places, so many dollars, euros, pesos and yen. I almost titled this blog as 1 Million Dollars but honestly that would lead to wide speculation, confusion and me being irked that I don't have a million dollars. Ten Thousand is more doable. Well not today but someday. Anyway back to the question at hand, where would you go with a budget of 10K? I've thought long and hard on this, asked the wife and the dog and decided I would take 3 months off and tour SE Asia or Europe. Hostel living and street food with the occasional splurge on a Michelin rated restaurant and a great hotel with one of those rain shower shower heads, one with a controllable digital temperature. I'm a simple ga

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