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We are heading to Cambodia by way of Singapore and Malaysia in a little over 4 weeks. Did I say 4 weeks. Yep, four weeks. Had to spell it out that time. Anyway we have a 14hr flight to Singapore from NYC, I'm not counting the leg to NYC because well I'm just not. Mainly because that would be depressing and we aren't starting our trip off on that note. As we are thinking about packing we also started thinking about what in the heck we were going to do with those 14hrs, more importantly what the kid was going to do as well. Below are our tips for surviving 14hrs in an economy seat. 1. Buy your tickets as early as possible with the options to choose your seat. The only thing worse than a 14hr

Pride Season is Coming! | Wandering Travel Tours

Or rather here but either way we will be in travel mode this summer and won't get a chance to experience any Stateside Prides. We still wanted to share with you a list of all the Prides here and everywhere! Maybe you can plan a trip to coincide with Pride somewhere in the world. Let's start with Black Pride here in the good ole US of A. I remember back in the good old days when the Pride season didn't start til Spring. Well that is no more! Pride is year round in more ways than one. Official 2019 Black Pride Celebrations Calendar Since it's April, head over to Philly Black Pride. We missed Pride in Boston in Feb. Yes, you read that right, in February. I don't know who planned that one but...

5 Types of Travelers | Wandering Travel Tours

Everyone who is thinking of marrying another human should first travel with them because if you didn't know, travel can make or break a relationship. We won't get into how travel has ruined many a friendship. When I travel with someone, I outline my ground rules with the first question being "What type of traveler are you?" Their response determines if we are going to travel together in the future. Below are the top 5 travelers that you may come across. 1. Go with the flow - A go with the flow traveler plans but doesn't let plans set the pace of things. They are there for the experience of it all, not the Instagram photos...maybe. On the flip side of all this easy going travel is the chance

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