Perception vs Reality of Siem Reap, Cambodia | Wandering Soup

I was talking to a friend recently who stated she probably wouldn't visit us in Siem Reap, Cambodia because she needs her creature comforts. I was slightly irked as if she was disparaging my home country. I guess that's a good sign right? Anyway I explained how anything you wanted or needed in the States you could get/have here. I also said it out loud to Amber who said well... She said she got her point. This lead to an interesting discussion and this blog. Sort of a hopeful perception of meets reality of. Let me know what you think. Perception - This is a dirt poor "3rd world" country. Reality - It is and it isn't, well if you have money. There are 5 Star Hotels and Restaurants worthy of a

Traveling while Black, Gay & Fat | Wandering Soup

Everyone always asks me about my/our travel experiences. First let me dispel a myth I haven't been everywhere in the world, secondly I have a resting bitch face, built on love. Nothing but love. I say one to explain that my past travel experiences were dictated by whatever sale I happened to come across. I would buy first, research second. Naturally certain locales appealed to me more than others but price trumped a lot. As for two, I tend not to attract BS from people and/or situations. I'm always surprised by folks describing how some random white person said some racist shit to them. It doesn't happen to me. I don't smile a lot though. On the flip side of both of the above I research the

One week down, months to go | Wandering Soup

We have done it! One week in Siem Reap, Cambodia actually a little bit more but for the sake of making this late blog feel like it was on time, we will say a week. It feels like home. Which is a good thing since we put some good ole American dollars down on this cute little spot that's a little away from the hustle and bustle of Siem Reap but close enough to feel like we aren't in the wilderness. We've been diligent and I've climbed more stairs this week than I have in my my entire life and let go of some things we thought we had to have for things we were okay with. Well one our pocket agreed There was one that was amazing, the price was too. Amazingly high. We are finding out tha

Living in Cambodia | Wandering Soup

Really the title should be "Arriving In Cambodia" because after a week I feel like that's really what we've done. On the surface of things. The reality is we have done a "lot" of things, or at least things that will allow us to stay here for the next six months to a year. Apartment searching, a few homes too, Visa appointment, learning the area, eating the food, working. In other words we in Cambodia. Maybe the title does work. The first few days have been interesting. Interesting connecting reality with a dream. Both are good, one is just real. And Siem Reap is nothing if not real. A weird juxtaposition of modern next to...well dirt poor. It's very obvious as soon as you land

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