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We are in our new home in Siem Reap. It's been an adjustment, surprisingly so. This mercury retrograde isn't helping at all. With that being said, lets jump into it! We had so many "standards and rules" on what type of apartment we would have, the things we "needed" and our budget. Yea, that didn't work. Let's start with the obvious one - Budget We spent hours browsing the internet searching apartment listings in Siem Reap and comparing options, floor plans, add-ons, and inclusions to set our budget. There were a lot. Great prices, great apartments, beautiful pools, and grounds. Reality was most of those in our "online" price range were not available (if ever) once we arrived. Secondly a lot

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I'm going to attempt this weekly blog of our life in Cambodia, sharing the ins, outs, good, bad and indifferent of our experience. So if there is a topic that you want me to cover, shoot me a line or comment on one of the blogs. I'll also still share travel tips, informational blogs and of course our Travel Agency information. Don't forget us when you are thinking on your next grand vacation! This blog is sorta easy in the sense that there really isn't anything negative to share and that's a beautiful thing. We did our research before moving and honestly didn't want to move anywhere "worse" than America for out and proud lesbians. Cambodia fits that bill to a certain extent, it's almost wher

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I've been blogging on the realness of moving to Cambodia and even living here but I haven't touched on the lessons learned. Figured today, the day after moving into our new permanent home would be a great time. 10 Tips to help you plan your Expat Life: 1. Plan better. Seriously we over planned and I still think we missed some steps. We looked at every contingency with American eyes and should have been a little bit more open to "interpretation". Carrying extra suitcases because the wife has to have her 10lb box of crystals, 5 bottles of vitamins and a slew of other not needed stuff would have helped us during all the flights, car rides and tucks. And yes, she knows I wrote this. 2. Don't dr

Black in Cambodia | Wandering Soup

I was debating on how to start out this blog and if it was necessary but then I looked around and realized I didn't see anyone that looked like me, so yes it's necessary, at least to me and possibly to some of my readers. We are here, the wife, the kid and I. A little shy of a month now, seems much longer but that's life when you ageing. It's been interesting dealing with perception vs reality. The real life versus photo's and video's taken from a perspective that doesn't fit me and mine or my skin color. What's been more of an eye opener is everyone's eyes going big when we announce that we will be here for a year. Shocked is easily the word I can use to describe their facial expressions fo

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