In your feelings...while traveling | Wandering Soup

It happens. Every trip you start out excited or anxious. You are READY! This may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience or maybe it's your monthly trip back home or baecation-- either way you are ready. And then something happens. You start feeling rushed at the airport because you overslept, the pet sitter cancelled two days prior, the weather forecast calls for rain four of the five days you will be there or the person you are traveling with decides to send a last minute checklist of things they want to do and how the vacation will go. Anything. Your mood starts to sour, and now you aren't as excited for this $1,800.00 headache. And that's okay. Being human happens. I always suggest wallowing

Knowledge is free...sorta | Wandering Travel Tours

I'm in several travel groups and 90% of the time I think they are great but that 10%...just Whoooooooooooo sah. My most recent interaction involved someone telling other members that Norwegian is a budget airline and being surprised on the flight. How sis? They only sale you the seat when you purchase and they tell you that everything else will cost you more including seat selection, luggage, food, drinks and...air. Not really on the air but it's coming soon, wait for it. Every airline I've flown on I research, I watch Youtube videos, I read reviews, seating charts. In essence I google, cause googling is free and that basic knowledge certainly is. There's no way I would spend hundreds to tho

The "Crud" of Traveling | Wandering Travel Tours

Every trip I go on I'm worried about three things: Will my luggage make it? A real fear that has manifested itself in reality at least once. It's one of the reasons I want to move to carry-on only. I said "I" because Amber over packs to go to the 7-11, let alone another city or country. Will my flight be cancelled or delayed or worse yet I sleep thru my alarm and wake up after takeoff? I haven't slept through my alarm...yet. Three knocks on Formica. I have however had a cancelled or delayed flight and I've gotten to the airport too late and missed a flight. All easily solvable by spending more time at the airport. Overnight on once occasion (looking at you O'hare) and several hours on anothe

What a TRIP! | Wandering Soup

The group trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was a trip in and of itself in all ways, good, bad and indifferent. So I'm going to be brief and share with you the lessons I've learned from this trip. Some are obvious, others were surprising. 1. Be very clear when defining the trip and it's intentions. I kept this trip priced low as heck to accomplish the following: --A. To encourage international travel to those who don't and give those who do a group experience. --B. To also teach those who have never traveled how to by providing some structure but allowing them freedom to explore as if they were solo traveling. 2. Define continental breakfast and being realistic with the budget. --We stayed in

Bangkok = Traffic, People and Noise...oh my! | Wandering Soup

Yep, we did Bangkok and I wasn't in the best of moods so my opinion may be slightly off and I'm acknowledging it from the get go. I've been sorta excited about going to Bangkok for months now with no real expectations on what to expect outside of reading comments on the traffic and the heat. And traffic and heat is what we got. In spades. Get it? Spades...anyway. We booked an Airbnb the night before our arrival, yea to last minute planning! With no real idea on what neighborhood we wanted to stay in but wanting to be near a BTS station/line. We did that. Unfortunately the apartment was about 90 minutes in traffic from the city center via car. It was also the size of a small shoe box with a

Coffee Shops - Siem Reap - Brown Coffee | Wandering Soup

I'm currently sitting in Brown Coffee in Siem Reap, Cambodia and reflecting on life and all the brown in this shop. And there is lots of life and lots of brown to reflect on. In an elegant manner, life and coffee comes together at Brown. Let's start with the size, this place is huge, gorgeous and slightly sexy in an upscale hotel lobby way. And because of its size, in part, it echoes. This isn't the place to come to work, at least not on a busy Friday afternoon. But if you want a good cup of coffee with friends this is the place to visit, to be "fly". The wait staff is friendly and keep the place looking clean. One of the worst first world problems is to walk into a coffee shop and see table

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