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We've been in Cambodia since June, it feels much longer, in good and bad ways. Good in that we stopped running and have savored life as it comes daily, hourly. Bad in hey I'm American and I'm learning the world does not revolve around me and what I want/expect. Even that's good. Right? We've visited three countries so far on this journey, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. All extremes in regards to infrastructure after living here. So much so that we learned a few things about each other, self and otherwise. Another good right? I'm using these semi-long sentences to tell you all that we will be on the move come January of 2020 and we are switching home bases from Cambodia to Malaysia. We pla

Travel items you can travel WITHOUT! | Wandering Travel Tours

I am the Queen of under packing, to the point that I sometimes forget things I might really need. Amber on the other hand is the QUEEN of too much for no dang reason! Keeping her in mind, below is a list of things you can travel without, saving you time, money and elbow grease. 1. 4 Bags for a weekend trip. Be practical, it's only a weekend you won't use or need 80% of what's in 3 of the bags and you more than likely will not open them 2. A neck pillow. I use to love them for traveling but after counting up how many times I dropped mine while going from terminal to terminal vs using it, and using Mississippi math I decided it wasn't worth the slight convenience. 3. To many clothing options.

Cambodia "Steak" Tales...| Wandering Soup

I am not going to lie you have to be careful about the meat here. Not that it's not chicken or cow, looking at you Vietnam, but if it was killed yesterday morning and has been sitting in the sun with flies and other small beasts on it type of careful. I love the open market and one of these days I will venture out in the early am hours and purchase freshly butchered meat with no of these days. In the meantime my choices are limited to the decent grocery stores here that have favorable late afternoon hours. And if I'm being honest they aren't any better than the outside markets due to not having the refrigeration process down pat. If you buy it that day, you must cook it that day.

Tips for Traveling in South East Asia | Wandering Travel Tours

We've explored many parts of SE Asia so far and plan on getting to as many countries as we can in the not so distant future. In our travels we've picked up a few tips and want to pass them on to you. 1. Weather - It will be hot and humid or hot, wet and humid. That's SE Asia in a nutshell, dress and plan for that with lightweight clothing and hats, maybe an umbrella. Bring sunscreen, stay hydrated with bottled water (do not drink the water) and lay low on the liquor while out and about touring during the day. If traveling during the rainy season I would suggest touring in the morning to combat the afternoon rainstorms that occur sometimes daily. Also most Temples require covered shoulders/ar

Uncomfortable Conversations | Wandering Soup

My fear when blogging or talking about our life is that I may make it seem "too nice" or rather easier than it is. I wrote a blog (unpublished) that made me question some things about our day-to-day living and it fortunately led to a great conversation between Amber and I, a check in if you will. The blog was about our day-to-day "Expat" life that we've been living since June and how parts aren't great--it's had it's ups, downs, ins and outs. All life-learning lessons in their own way. We've also moved into a pattern of sorts helped by the easy pace of life here. And we are happy but...And there is always a but isn't there? It ain't all sunshine and daffodils. Lets start with the obvious. We

The Safety of Traveling | Wandering Travel Tours

By now if you know me you've heard of my unfortunate incident in Greece and if not...feel free to read it again or ask me in person cause I love to tell of the lesson learned. To summarize for those who don't want to read or aren't sitting across from me in today's Coffee Shop, I got got for my passport. Yep, ya girl pick-pocketed from the back. I blame me, Amber, and the thief. I got lazy and tired toward the end of the day and at the end of our trip and just didn't follow the rules I've set up for myself. I don't want you to go thru what I did in any form so here are some tips. 1. Be cognizant of your surroundings. If it feels sketch or people are eyeing you more than because you are a tou

100 Blogs! | Wandering Soup

We've done it! Hit the 100 Blog Mark! And it was a slow road, let me tell ya. It's been full of should we write about this, no one knows about this, do they care about this and oh my gosh we haven't written anything in a week, quick what should we write about. And with all of the above we landed on the 100th blog, quite by accident. It's one on Coffee. Yes, coffee. We spend quite a bit of our time in Siem Reap, Cambodia, searching for the perfect cup of coffee and the perfect working space. Generally they have been one, sometimes not. Below are our Top 5 Blogs since we've started in March of 2018. We've done some major growth not only within the site, the completion of our first group trip ,

Coffee Shops in Siem Reap - Gloria Jean's | Wandering Soup

I'm writing this and slightly perspiring cause it's warm in here. I'm thinking they don't believe in AC to much here. I mean it's not 95 in the shade in here but they could certainly turn the AC notch down a degree or two. Gloria Jean's is a chain coffee shop that you may have visited on your travels or it could be a mainstay in your hometown. Either way it feels like a chain. Not that that's a bad thing but Siem Reap has amazing coffee shops with great service and some individuality. Gloria Jean's is coffee in a spacious up and downstairs setting. It's well lighted and the chairs are comfortable. Great place to work for a number of hours, if you don't mind slightly sweating in an air condit

Picking Flights | Wandering Travel Tours

A question was asked in my travel group today about what Airline/Flight to pick for an international destination. And honestly I was legit surprised because I subconsciously pick my flights and have never listed or even thought about how I approach purchasing flights. With that being said, here is how I approach choosing a flight. 1. I'm always down for a sale, so generally price is the trump card for me. But as I've discussed sometimes that's not the best way as you have to factor in flight time and luggage allowance. 2. Which leads me to my next criteria. Time in the air. If it's an international flight that generally runs 12-24hrs or so, I expect to spend time in the air and possibly a l

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