5 Reasons to fall in love with Chiang Mai | Wandering Soup

We went to Chiang Mai for Loi Krathong or Lantern Festival and fell in love with the city and all it's charms. Actually all the love you could have for a city that we only spent 8 days in--really 7 but who's counting. We did. Lawd we did. I started counting down on day 4 and got a little bit sadder each day but not sad enough not to enjoy our time there. Amber was surprised when I told her it was time to start packing, I think she secretly had moved in and was setting up home. The reasons why we fell in love with Chiang Mai are myriad, some concrete and others more of a feeling. 1. Weather - it was perfect. Warm, sunny and still rather breezy at times. Especially at night. We walked our ne

What I learned when Facebook took my page away for 24hrs | Kat's Thoughts

Facebook is an interesting animal isn't it? It's social and business and life all wrapped in a bunch of rules, surrounded by people you may like, some you need, and a lot you really don't know. All that aside, if you are truly a Facebooker, once your page is gone it's almost like a violation of self. Don't get it twisted, I'm not talking physical attacks or anything of that nature, but it was certainly a visceral reaction when I realized a few weeks ago that I could no longer log on and even more so once I realized that my page was actually gone. 10+ years of pics, comments, commentary and connections gone. One minute I was browsing and the next I was hitting the literal and figurative "blue

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