Top FIVE of 2019 | Wandering Soup

Yep we are doing a Top Five list because 2019 has been an amazing year and in 2025 when I'm looking back over the great times in life, I want "written" memories. 1. The true highlight to me surprisingly was our son's first flight. And the fact that it was an international one made it even better. We did one 14hr leg and another 8hr leg and he handled it like a middle seat champ! He quickly figured out that airplane food is strictly for pictures and economy tickets are...well that for a reason. 2. Moving to Cambodia. Was a close call and almost made it to the number one spot but we doing generational living over here so the boys flight won out. Of course this trip is about Amber and I, livin

Reality vs Research for Living in Cambodia -Rent- Wandering Soup

We've been in Cambodia since June and will be wrapping up our time here in January. It's been an interesting journey, mainly separating fact from fiction or rather reality vs research. The next few blogs will break down in detail the various differences. And yes I know some will disagree. Good for you. Most articles/blogs we read went into detail on how cheap/inexpensive Siem Reap, Cambodia was/is. And it is but there are levels to cheap. All of the blogs we read regarding Cambodia were/are written by well white people and their perspective isn't mine. Not pointing a finger but pointing out the obvious. Let me remind everyone that I'm a southern Black woman with southern sensibilities. And t

Thanksgiving in Cambodia | Wandering Soup

We just "celebrated" our first Thanksgiving in Cambodia, and to be honest it wasn't much of a difference than Thanksgiving in the states, minus Family and Turkey. I've yet to find Turkey here. Well Turkey that I would eat. And if you didn't know, Thanksgiving is an American tradition, has nothing to do with anywhere else in the world. Ask Native Americans. Anyway, we spent most of the day quietly chilling. I cooked, the boy recovered from a stomach bug he had been fighting for a few days and Amber, well she ran between us both. I know you are wondering what we ate and here's the rundown: Cornbread dressing/gravy Black eye peas Cornbread Baked yard bird (chicken) Greens (pic above) Sweet pota

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