Coronavirus and You | Wandering Travel Tours

The World Health Organization has advised against traveling to China due to the Virus, if you have plans to go there in the next month or so I would highly suggest you change them. Most airlines are being pro-active and canceling flights along with refunding ticket purchases. If you have traveled to the affected areas, which really encompasses most of the world at this point and are displaying symptoms suggestive of acute respiratory illness before, during or after travel, you are encouraged to seek medical attention and share travel history with your health care provider. We are currently in Malaysia and there is a run on face masks, as such we have limited our time out in the general publi

What I miss about Home | Wandering Soup

Honestly not much but there are a few things that I occasionally seek or mention to Amber and I thought I would complain I mean share with you. 1. Breakfast. More specifically an American one that's loaded with sugar, salt and carbs. I can't eat what I consider lunch and dinner items for breakfast and not feel slightly odd. It's the American in me. And what I mean by that is noodles, soup and curry. That's really the majority of offerings in SE Asia or some variation that contains them. What I don't miss is rolling away from the table feeling as if I need a nap and that my day is effectively gone as a I give my body time to digest that great American breakfast. I've adapted and do a more Eu

7 Days in Kuala Lumpur | Wandering Soup

We have done it, it being one week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Honestly it's been an easy transition from Cambodia to here due to a few things. One being that we've been here and two that KL is a modern cosmopolitan city. Very much in contrast to Siem Reap, so much so that even the not so great things outweigh Cambodia. TO US. I figured I would have to write that in all caps so that anyone who thinks the opposite won't shoot me the middle finger. When contemplating moving here we decided to live in an area different than the previous visits, one that was hopefully quieter and less hectic, in other words surburbia. Or as close as you can get to surburbia without having a car. KL is bustling an

5 Lightweight Items for your next Vacation!

If you are going on a long trip, it's best to keep an eye on what you are packing. We have the right products for you, whether you want to fit everything in a carry-on or just travel light! Baggy Boho Harem Pants Start with our Baggy Boho Harem Pants, light-weight, comfy and colorful they are versatile and will take up minimal space in your bag. Prices starting at $22.99, these are a great deal. Collapsible Water Bottle Next up is our collapsible water bottles, that are light weight and practical for that trek thru the airport and the Temples in Thailand. Prices start at 15.99 Universal Power Adapter Charger This Universal Adapter Charger is a must have when traveling and this one

Where are my pants? | Wandering Soup

As we started packing for our move to Malaysia from Cambodia, I thought it was more than time to lighten my load. In particular my pile of Harem/Boho pants. Mainly because I've worn/washed them thin in this Cambodian water and it's time to get some new ones. So I threw and happily gave away my beloved harem pants. Lightened my load and packed my Nespresso Expresso Machine in the place the pants would have occupied because "good" coffee is life. I really thought I was ingenious in my packing and that I was doing the dang thing. And then we got to Kuala Lumpur and I started unpacking, yes I unpack my suitcase soon as I land, and realized that I threw or gave away every pair of harem/boho pants

WS Travel Store | Wandering Soup

Is a continuation of the journey of Kat & Amber as they travel the globe and  "share" a few of the items they have fallen in love with and, more importantly, recommend. Starting with our collection of Harem, Boho, and Loose pants. The perfect pant to wear on the plane, the beach or to a temple in Thailand. We personally own several pair! We have all of your Travel Needs covered! With items we have used in our travels,  items we recommend and some we just want! Stylish clothing, swim suits and trunks Travel Sneakers, Sandals, and Jewelry Backpacks, Crossbody Bags, and Luggage Travel Accessories And don't forget your Crossbody Bag! The perfect bag to carry everyday that blends both stylishness

The end of... | Wandering Soup

We are counting down the days for our journey in Cambodia. 4 Days and a wakeup as we use to say in the military. It's been an interesting week as we pick items to sell, give away and throw away. Totally different but the same as our journey from America as we lighten our load for the next step. A part of me is sad to see our journey end so soon, another is excited about the possibilities of the next country. And an even greater part of me is geeked about the country after, wherever that may be. The interesting and great part thing about life is that you can change pathways, you can make life altering decisions when needed or more importantly when wanted. We thought we had done that with the

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