CoronaVirus and Us | Wandering Soup

I figured we should possibly write this quick blog to update everyone as we've received quite a few "Are ya'll okay?" type of questions, texts and emails. It's been interesting being in the side center of things. The first few weeks of this "crisis" was interesting as it coincided with Chinese New Year and there was an influx of Chinese visitors as Malaysia currently has a permanent Chinese population of about 20%. Everyone work masks, when you could find them, and walked around with a look of fear in their eyes, as to be expected. The streets were less crowded, malls not quite empty but you could definitely see the difference from a week earlier. Three weeks later and there is normalcy. Har

Featured in GO Magazine!

Hey everyone Amber and I, recently did an interview with GO Magazine! and it's now live and ready for the viewing public, friends and family. Check out the interview and let us know what you think and of course, reach out if you need help booking your next great vacation! Kat & Amber #WanderingSoup #WanderingTravelTours #BlackLesbiansTraveling #BlackLesbianTravelingFamily #GOMagazine

And...Go! | Wandering Soup

That's how I feel the last week or so has been. Get up and go...nowhere. A few days I barely left my bed due to what I'll never know EXCEPT my body saying it was beyond tired and was going to lay it down. With my permission or not. So I did. Laid it down that is. I also listened. Deciphered. And mostly obeyed. In listening I recognized again that I'm getting older, which is one of the reasons we went on this journey now instead of later. And yea, my body is doing what it does when it ages. Hurting, settling in and generally counting down. Deciphering told me that some of the things I've been ingesting just aren't for me any more. As a result I've changed my habits, forced to really. Laying

We are going to GHANA!

We missed the Year of the Return but that doesn't mean we can't make one of our own and we shall in March 2021! And hopefully you can come with, well at least 14 of you. Join us for 8 Days of exploring the capital city of Accra, the foundation of the Ashanti Empire in Kumasi and Elmina Castle, the 1st slave trading post on the Cape Coast. Kat #Ghana #Accra #Kumasi #ElminaCastle #WSGhana

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