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Moving to Taiwan | Wandering Soup

This week we are continuing our informational "quick" posts on relocating from the U.S. to another country. Below is a quick nutshell view for those that don't want to watch the Vlog: Land- In a nutshell yes but there are rules! Foreigners can only purchase land for personal, investment, and social welfare purposes not for profit and you can only buy if you are a resident of Taiwan, hold an Alien Registration Card AND only if Taiwan nationals are also entitled to buy property in your home country. Business Ownership - Opening a foreign-owned business in Taiwan is possible and the process is actually straight forward. Citizenship - You can apply for a Alien Permanent Resident Certificate if y

Moving to Vietnam! | Wandering Soup

When we initially started our research for traveling and possibly moving to SE Asia we looked hard at Vietnam and the Visa process along with how they would work for how we would be living. Essentially owing/operating businesses that wouldn't be based in Thailand and also not being of retirement age with a kid. We've went into detail on what we learned here to include Visa limitations and prices. For us it was one of the more expensive Visa options of the countries we wanted to visit, and that dropped it to the bottom or our list due to upfront costs. But one of the things that I did and still like is the option of getting up to a year long Visa relatively easily online. Keep in mind that we

Trying New Things | Wandering Soup

I've written a few blogs regarding our homeschooling and the highs and lows, mainly lows. Or maybe I intended to write a few blogs and only produced one that didn't make me cringe with failure. Well here's one I'm sorta happy to write. It's about trying something new. Simple right? It wasn't. The kid and I have hit a well when it comes to our days of writing, applying critical thinking and simply learning. We had in the past relied on online coursework only, then moved to a combination of workbooks and online schooling to a few weeks of workbooks. The last was a combination of thinking that seeing it on paper in black and white may work better along with cutting down on screen time. It was a

Moving to Thailand | Wandering Soup

When we initially started our research for possibly moving to Thailand we focused on Visas and how they would work for how we would be living. Essentially owing/operating businesses that wouldn't be based in Thailand and also not being of retirement age with a kid! That's a lot to put it mildly and as such we found that the Visas weren't really built for our type of living and was the main reason that we didn't settle there. We didn't want to Visa Jump every 90 days to another country, get a stamp and come back to Thailand and hope they didn't stop us from entering. The stress of it all with a kid was to much and something everyone should consider. And because we have went into detail on Vis

Thoughts on Moving Abroad...

With the Covid-19 occurring lots of people are looking at moving abroad once things become more normal. Below are a few thoughts I shared on Facebook and thought I would share here as well. If you are African American and want to roam the earth for a year, start in SE Asia. Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Singapore. Your money will go far, with the exception of Singapore, and you may find yourself on the journey. Don't expect to find family or home (because you can't purchase land). We are not the norm and you will be treated as such. S. Korea, Japan and Tawain are expensive. Proceed with dollars, in other words don't travel here with expectations of inexpensive living. Costs

Day 26 - Corona Virus Chronicles | Wandering Soup

Quite a skip from Days 17-18 but honestly outside of describing my living room to you and counting the steps from the couch to the bathroom, there isn't much to talk about. We are settling into a routine of sorts, mixed in with bouts of naps. Really good naps. Like naps to write home about but...in the end who wants to read about naps. Speaking of sleeping we had set our alarms to wake up at 5am to catch the IG Battle between Teddy Riley and Babyface on Sunday (our Monday) and all kinds of disappointment was felt when it was cancelled. I threw a shoe...at least in my head. As of today Vietnam is not showing an increase in cases, which hopefully bodes well for this quarantine actually ending

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