Moving to South Africa! | Wandering Soup

We are continuing our weekly series on Moving Abroad, this week we are "Moving to South Africa!" This was interesting researching as the country didn't interest me as a possible choice but finding out what could be has certainly opened my eyes to the possibilities. Hopefully you will find what we've shared interesting as well! Below is a quick nutshell view for those that don't want to watch the Vlog: Land- Yes! Foreigners can own and register a mortgage on immovable property in South Africa without restrictions. Expect to put at least 10% down. Business Ownership - Yes you can. You will need to apply for a Visa to do so and there will be other requirements as well: All the normal eligibili

10 (Sorta Weird) Things About SE Asia | Wandering Soup

I thought I would give you a glimpse at some of the things that surprised us in SE Asia along our travels, some of them are just odd observations and others are things that may help you. When seated at a sit down style restaurant they will give you a menu and then stand there. Rarely will they walk away til you have decided but they will offer suggestions. So pick quickly and always get rice. There's also a chance they will stand near and watch you eat. It's all service oriented. Maybe. The portion sizes are smedium at best but are honestly the perfect portion. Adapt quickly and you will appreciate the smaller meals as you walk and shop the many miles in the heat. There are no clothes dryers

Our Apartment Tour - Hanoi, Vietnam!

We've been asked to do tours of all the places we've lived and have honestly been to lazy to do it. Today, because it's my BORNDAY and to hot to be outside, I thought I would show you our apartment. It's a 2 bedroom/2 bath fully furnished apartment that includes electricity, gas, water and internet. Let us know what you think! Kat & Amber #WanderingSoup #HanoiVietnam #Ecopark #OurApartmentTour

Kat & Amber Trys "Grain Rolls"

We are on a "roll" this week and tried "Grain Rolls" which are truly not what you think or at least not what we thought. Hit play to find out what they are! Kat & Amber #WanderingSoup #WanderingSoupTrys #GrainRolls #Hanoi #Vietnam

Moving to Portugal! | Wandering Soup

We continue our Moving Abroad series and this week we will focus on Portugal! Below is a quick nutshell view for those that don't want to watch the Vlog: Land- Yes! And you don't have to be a resident. There's a well developed real estate market in Portugal that is running at high speed right now with prices increasing at what I consider an alarming rate. If you are going to jump, jump now. Business Ownership - Yes you can's not going to be easy or cheap. From "You must first have a valid work permit or a visa type that allows you to start a business, as well as having the minimum capital to invest in the new company. Non-EU residents may qualify for the Golden Visa, which

Kat & Amber Try "Banh"

We are on still "trying" new things while here in Hanoi and nothing is better than "banh"...maybe. In Vietnamese, the term bánh translates loosely as "cake" or "bread", referring to a wide variety of prepared foods so we grabbed three to try. Follow us on Youtube! Kat #WanderingSoup #Banh #Vietnam #WanderingSoupTrys

We Good | Wandering Soup

How are you? I feel as if I ask that every day, several times a day to anyone I speak with, whether it's via voice, text, or inbox, while knowing that it's a loaded question. I'm really asking, "Are you breathing? Do you have enough to 'make it'? Do you need more? What can I do? Did you smile today, laugh today, hug today?" And on and on. The responses are generally the same: "I'm good." And honestly most of the time I can only take that, but I'm open when the response is more and they want/need/expect more from me. A listening ear. A connection. An acknowledgment that this is hard--not normal--but more importantly, that we will get back to "normal" one day. Not gonna lie, I've had a few bad

Moving to Costa Rica! | Wandering Soup

We are continuing our series on Moving Abroad and this weeks destination will be Costa Rica! If you don't want to watch the video, please read the recap below. Below is a quick nutshell view for those that don't want to watch the Vlog: Land- Yes! And you don't have to be a resident. There are two exceptions: -A foreigner cannot own 100% of a property in a Maritime Zone. -A foreigner cannot own any IDA (now INDER) property, in which land is donated to poor farmers. Business Ownership - It is legal for foreigners to own a business. To protect your investment and your legal status in Costa Rica, you should apply for residency. Citizenship - Costa Rica allows foreign residency holders to opt for

Kat & Amber Try "Pudding"

We are trying something new every week or so while here in Hanoi and today it's "Pudding"...which is really, well not. Well at least not to us Americans. Can you guess if we liked it or not? Subscribe/Like/Follow us on Youtube! Kat #WanderingSoup #Pudding #Trys #KatNAmber

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