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We have been existing like most of the world in a bubble in our apartment. Daily quiet, while focusing inward and debating on what to order from a local bakery followed by what to cook for dinner. That's about it! In the middle of all of that of course we watch/read the news for here, the U.S. and Mexico our possible future home. So far the news is bleak, not surprising but every now and then something positive wouldn't be bad. Speaking of possible positive we heard/read the other day that testing would be occurring for everyone in Da Nang, Vietnam. Of course we were concerned but more along the lines of when it would occur for us. All of us are down for the testing and quite pleased that it

Moving to Turkey: Wandering Soup

Below is a quick nutshell view for those that don't want to watch the Vlog: Land- Yes! As an expat you can own land in Turkey, foreign nationals are free to buy property anywhere in Turkey except for military zones. There is a process but if it’s where you want to be then it is what it is. Business Ownership - The short answer is yes you can. Turkey is a great place to start a business once you decide what type and understand the taxes and money involved. It's also not required to have a national or native citizen to be a part of the company. Citizenship - Yes and with the added bonus of retaining your U.S. citizenship. Most of the countries we've looked at so far have laws that grant citize

New blog. Who dis?

Not really but I feel as if I've been focusing on the Youtube channel so much and not doing "the work" over here. I'm working on it but wouldn't mind a little input from you, our reader. Well that's if you are reading what I'm putting out! What do you want to read about regarding travel, life in Da Nang and heck our personal business..lol In the meantime I wanted to talk about things I'm doing to stay busy during this Covid-19 Quarantine in Da Nang, Vietnam. I'm a night owl who isn't opposed to waking up early so I'm not focusing on a schedule as much. I just ensure that I'm up walking around by noon. Fortunately my inner body clock is waking me up as early as 6am most days, 9 or 10 on the o

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