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I miss American breakfasts. That's it. I read posts in various Travel Groups that ask questions like what is the one thing you would do differently about moving abroad or what is the main thing you miss from home while living abroad. And I feel really bad because mine is really hecka basic. I miss breakfast foods. I miss American breakfast foods. I miss grits! And I would have packed grits instead of say...socks. #Socklivesmatter but #gritsaremoreimportant I know that breakfast is simple put a break from your overnight "sleeping" fast but still...grits. I miss brunch, good ole over indulgent brunch. Thick and fluffy pancakes with heavy syrup. And all the variations on chicken and waffles t

Buying a Laptop in Vietnam! | Wandering Soup

If you are looking at Vietnam as your next home then this blog might be useful to you! We recently went shopping for a laptop and of course we had to share our experience with you. If you didn't know electronics outside of the U.S. can be pricier and there are certain models/brands that you will only find here. That makes the shopping experience "eventful" to say the least. We went to 4 different stores comparing makes/models and below is what we learned if you will. 1. English speaking associates were not the norm and it was not the easiest to explain what we were looking for. Fortunately all the laptop specs/descriptions are in English and Google Translate is your friend. 2. Shop around. P

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