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Traveling Folk

AJ & Stephen
Current Location: Nevada, USA

Tell us about you and your husband? How did you meet?

    I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, My Husband grew up in Idaho Falls, Id. We met one summer when I was visiting in Idaho- We met in the old days of the internet on the gay.Com Chatrooms LOL. We have been together for 18 years, married for a little over a year and a half.

Why do you both travel?

   Self, pleasure or work. We travel for pleasure almost exclusively.

Hotels, Hostels or Airbnb?

    We have only stayed in hotels up to this point, our first Air Bnb experience will be in a couple weeks during our stay in Mexico City.

How have your experiences been traveling as a gay man? How about as a gay couple? Has it been an issue?

    So far as a gay man or couple, I / We have not encountered any issues in regards to our sexuality. We do try to observe any societal customs to avoid any issues. The only nation so far that we were a little hesitant about was Egypt; However, it was not an issue for us there either.

What do you wish you knew when you started traveling?

   It is a lot easier and accessible than I imagined. Had I known how easy it was to travel, I would have started doing it much earlier in life.

Do you have specific habits that either of you stick to when on the road? Do's and don'ts?

   We ensure we research each location in depth for local customs and try have a few phrases in the local language down. I ALWAYS have sanitizing wipes. LIFESAVER -

Do either of you have an favorite places or places you want to get back to?

  Egypt was amazing, I would love to revisit there for sure. I think a better answer would be out of the 15 nations we have been so far- the only one we aren’t keen to revisit is China.


What is the most significant thing you’ve learned about your partner so far during your travels?

   We are both more daring and willing to try new experiences than we thought


What has been the most interesting item of food you've tasted during your travels?

   LOL- I will be honest we are not daring in our food choices. Give us a burger, pizza or a sandwich and we are good.


Where to next? We are headed to Mexico City for the first time in September,

  Followed by Boston/ Salem for Halloween, Tokyo & Kuala Lampur for our second anniversary / my 41st bday in January, and finally Spain, Greece and Italy in March.


What advice would you give to a solo, couple or group traveler?

   Do EVERYTHING! You may never get the chance again, and there is nothing worse than looking back and wishing you had done it. We don’t really plan most our visits, when we see a good airfare, we just buy the ticket. SO do that- BUY THE TICKET- Worry about everything else later. Just don’t let that ticket sale pass! LOL

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