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Traveling Folk

Danella & Allie
Current Location: Maine, USA

Tell us about you and your partner? How did you meet?

​--We were both educators, living in Portland, Maine. We met and chatted through a lesbian dating app, but only a few hours later found ourselves walking together at one of the Portland area lighthouses. We sat on the breakwater and fell in love.

Why RV'ing?

--We took a cross-country road trip in 2017 and fell in love with traveling. While we were in Olympic National Park, we met another young couple living and working full-time in their RV. It never occurred to us that we could choose a lifestyle that would allow us to hike around the country while working remotely and simplifying our life! We immediately began research about transitioning to RV life and we hit the road one year later!

Do you have favorite spots where you stay when on the road? ​

--We have found that large campgrounds are not our favorite. We prefer quieter spots, even though they sometimes come without all of the usual amenities.

Is it important to make friends with other RVers/join clubs?

--Yes. This has been a game changer for us as we learn to navigate the nomadic lifestyle. Being new, we are eager to meet other traveling couples. It can be lonely, never staying in one place, so being connected with other RVers is essential for us.


How long did it take for your RV to feel like home?  

--Most days our RV (Bia) feels like home. We walk in the door and have all of our things at our fingertips, and our dogs at our feet. As we are still new to living in a small space, sometimes the RV lifestyle still feels foreign to us, but we are confident that we will continue to settle in and create home wherever we go.


What do you wish you knew when you started on this journey?

--You need less stuff than you think. We have been able to do without piles of books, excess kitchen appliances and a huge wardrobe.


Do you have specific habits that either of you stick to when on the road? Dos and don'ts?   

--We still wake up early to beat the crowds and the heat when we want to go out and explore. Allie still starts the day with a cup of coffee and Danella still walks the dogs every morning, even though the location changes.


How has travel affected your connection with your partner?

--Travel has changed the way we connect with each other. Before being nomadic, we connected at home by coming together in the evenings and talking about our separate days. Since we have been on the road, we connect with each other by living shared experiences, for example when we hike and spend time together on the trail.


What is the most significant thing you’ve learned about your partner so far during your travels?  

--Living in such tight quarters, we have had to learn about each other's personality types. Danella is an extrovert by nature, so she craves regular face-to-face social interactions whereas Allie is an introvert and requires much more quiet time in the RV to recharge. We are learning to strike a balance between the two.


Which one of you has the better sense of direction? Anyone hate getting lost?

-- Allie especially hates getting lost. Most of the time Danella does the driving and Allie sits beside with the map. Living a nomadic lifestyle is giving us the opportunity to flex our navigation skills!


Where to next?  Where will it end?

--We plan to be in Maine for the summer and fall, but then we will pick up and move on to Arizona. We get this question a lot, and we honestly don't know the answer. We don't see giving up full-time travel anytime soon!


What advice would you give to a solo, group traveler or someone who wants to travel by RV?

--For prospective RVers we would recommend that you take the time to find the rig that works for you. There are a lot of options out there, so finding a rig that feels like home is important.

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