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Dani & Shannen
Current Location: Waikiki, Hawaii

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Tell us about you, how did you meet? How long have you been together.

We met in such a cliche way, a Facebook group . It was a group that I (Dani) admin'd and she was an active member. I was actually living here in Honolulu when our acquaintanceship started... it turned into a full-blown bestie fest when I moved back to the Bay Area, CA. The first time she saw a picture of me, it was actually a picture of my feet. I had taken it at the beach here in Oahu shortly after I had arrived on the island.


This island is really where it began for us, this connection of just understanding who we were as individuals. Our friendship began in this group with crazy amounts of laughter and hasn't stopped yet. We've supported each other through some of the most difficult times in each of our lives. It's definitely made our bond ridiculously strong. There just isn't anything in the world we wouldn't do for one another. We absolutely laugh every single day it's the best feeling ever. We've been the best of friends for over 4 years and married almost 2. 

Any regrets so far?

Honestly, not one regret. We knew that we would discover along the way what our new norm would be. It was of course bittersweet to leave California, we wanted nothing more than to bring my mom with us (we're still working on convincing her to tail to move here as soon as possible). Our being here couldn't be more amazing. Every day we're discovering more about this new home... the island. We absolutely still have moments where we realize how unbelievable it is that we live here. 

  Dani & Shannen

41 year old goof ball best friends who just loved each other

enough to live life on their terms


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