Traveling Folk!

Denise & Tracey

Current Location: Texas, USA

Tell us about you and your wife? How did you meet? 

      My wife and I met at Shades Retreat 2013, neither one of us was looking for a relationship. However, we have been inseparable ever since. We both love to travel, anything near the water usually works. We also both love to eat, so we enjoy trying new restaurants and experimenting on new cuisines at home.


How has travel affected your connection with your partner? 

       Travel is rejuvenating for us individually and our relationship, sometimes we just need to get away a reconnect with just each other and experience new adventures together.


What personality trait does your partner bring to the relationship that you appreciate the most while traveling?

       Tracey: She is grounding, requiring us to have some time to actually unwind and relax instead of just ripping around the entire time we are some place. Denise: My wife is extremely adventurous! She freaking loves an adventure no matter where we’ve traveled she has managed to convince me to follow her off the beaten path that tourist typically take. From sleeping on the beach in PR, to traming, busing and ferries across London, a train through Paris to watch her climb the Eiffel tower, and falling in love with all the Louie’s at the Palace of Versailles, bathing  in the hot mud of volcano ash in Costa Rica and monkey watching in the rain forest or just fishing in a roaring lake in Broken Bow, OK….. She has an easy way of getting me to trust her instinct and follow her anywhere and I love that part of her.  


What is the most significant thing you’ve learned about your wife so far during your travels? 

     Tracey: Travel for her is usually a vacation, she will require certain minimum standards to be comfortable.  Denise:  She does not mind ruff necking it and I’m pretty sure we will be amongst all the other expatriates that’s left this country SOMEWHERE as soon as we retire.


 Which one of you has the better sense of direction? Anyone hate getting lost? 

        Tracey: I have the better sense of direction, but I’m also the one that hates getting lost. I try to research and plan as much as possible, when I’m some place new I just make getting lost some of the adventure.


Do you have similar planning styles when it comes to traveling or are you very different? 

      Tracey: Mostly different, I prefer to handling our arrangements as much as possible. I have to compare prices, neighborhoods, read reviews, walk around on Google maps. It can be time consuming at times, but I just like to know. My wife will just pay a travel agent and be done with it. Denise: I prefer luxury vacations and my wife prefers to eat with the locals. I don’t mind it most of the time however there must be a few days of pampering, fine dining and champagne.


What has been your favorite place that you've been together? Where would you go back together again? 

     Tracey: My favorite is San Juan PR, it’s the first place we traveled to together. I would go back to any of our stops, but I’d rather move on to the next destination and make more memories. Denise: While San Juan was the place that somewhat sealed the deal on our togetherness, London so far has been my favorite place and the only place I would return to.


Do you travel exclusively as a couple or is solo travel in your future? 

     It’s been exclusively as a couple, the only solo travel since being together has pertained to work or family. We have tried traveling with other people a couple times, but I find that interest and finances don’t always mesh up and someone ends up discontent.


What advice would you give to a solo or group traveler?

      Just do it. If you don’t have anyone to go with or want to go with going solo is better than not going at all. If traveling as a group be prepared that the group may not always agree. It can be taxing trying to please everybody’s interest and you might not get to do all that you want to if all of your activities are centered around the group only. Rather it be solo or as a group plan ahead, research your area, the customs, visa requirements, excursions, what is and is not acceptable for that location, plan for emergencies and have enough funds available.


What's next for your family? 

     We haven’t gone internationally with the kids yet. We would like to, but for some trips it takes everything to get through just local trips with teenagers. The international travel bucket list is extensive, it includes Amsterdam, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Dubai, Ethiopia, Egypt, etc…. really to many to name. We are open to most places safe for black women to travel, that has the right price and that works around the kids school schedule. State side we are planning a cross-county RV road trip w/kids (pray for our ministry).