Traveling Folk

Fiona Z.

Current Location: Madrid, Spain

Tell us about you. Who is Fiona Zedde.

    I’m a queer Jamaican-American fiction writer, (sometime) blogger, cancer survivor, and traveler. I published my first book, Bliss, in 2005 and have been writing/publishing a book plus per year since then. I write queer romance as Fiona Zedde and straight novels as Lindsay Evans. I’m a huge fan of solo travel and will try anything at least twice. Oh, and I love food.

What spurred your love of traveling?

     It was getting on a plane at age twelve for the first time and making the trip from Jamaica to the US. I loved the whole airline experience (even the food!), but it was incredible to leave all the familiar things I knew and walk into a place completely foreign where I had to learn new ways of living, new food, new ways to survive.

How often do you travel?
   I travel at least once a year although my ideal is a minimum of twice. Last year I did three trips but it was a random, one-off thing. How long do you typically travel outside of the U.S. in say a year? I like to go to one place for a long time, so that depends on the tourist visa of the place I want to visit, but typically a month. Thailand gives American citizens 30 days, so I was there for a month. Europe gives us 90 days, so I was there for 3 months. 

Is there such a thing as a favorite vacation spot for you?
    Hm. I don’t think I have a favorite. Not yet anyway. Or a place you will easily revisit? A place I could easily re-visit, just for itself alone, is Namibia. There’s so much incredible natural beauty there, haircuts are crazy cheap, and when I left it felt like there was so much more I needed to see.


What determines your traveling destinations/plans?
    These days, a combination of cheap flights and my desire to see a place. Right now, Bali, New Zealand/Australia, and Madagascar are on my cheap-fare watch list. But if something irresistible pops up for say, The Bahamas, I’d go there too.

You have a traveling partner, how are your travels different when traveling with her vs solo?
     With my travel partner – who’s a teacher – I travel in the summer or on other school holidays. We typically do beach and cultural things together, explore the natural beauty of the area and, of course, gorge ourselves on the local food. These trips are typically planned really well. When I’m solo, I go whenever I’m able (usually for my January birthday), travel on a super-tight budget, and for longer periods of time. I’m also not a big planner, so I’d have my first week’s lodging squared away and just see what happens from there. On my own, I’m open to whatever. You meet so many people traveling solo in hostels that there will inevitably be an invitation to go clubbing, or hiking, or popping over to a nearby country. I’m mostly friendly, so
I’m game.

What have you learned about yourself from traveling solo?
    I’ve learned that I’m still stuck with a lot of my fears and my shyness, even though I try to rebuke them. Also I’m not so far removed from that naïve nineteen-year- old fumbling around England as an exchange student back in the ‘90’s.

How do you fund your traveling?
    I live cheaply, make friends in other countries when I travel, and work remotely so that when I’m on the road, I’m also earning money. Additionally, I use online retailer affiliate marketing as sources of passive income.

 Any words of wisdom for folks who want to travel?
     If you want to travel, it’s possible. If you don’t know where to start, ask someone who does it for some guidance and they’ll be happy to help. There are a ton of resources out there. Links. Any extra information you wanna share. I’ve gotten some great advice from this site over the years - and if you’re interested in working remotely, check out and

And of course my site