Traveling Folk

Jazz & Diamond
Current Location: Maryland, USA

Tell us about you and your partner? How did you meet?

We’re Diamond and Jazz. We’ve been together for almost two years now. Diamond is a Senior Administrative Assistant for an environmental nonprofit, and Jazz is a Youth Advocate and Sexual Health Outreach Worker with a local University. Jazz identifies as they/them/theirs, and Diamond as she/her/hers. We both love binging on Steven Universe and of course traveling! We’re big kids at heart, and ultimately not just partners, but also best friends.

Diamond: Jazz and I met on OKCUPID. I hadn’t logged on in years and for some reason I got a notification that they had liked my profile…and let’s just say that I hit that “forgot password” button REALLL quick. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Jazz: As Diamond mentioned, we met online through a dating app. I honestly hadn’t gotten on in quite a while either, but my friend and I were sitting around, and she told me to pull it up just for fun. As we were scrolling through I came across Diamond’s profile…and well as Diamond has already said, I clearly liked what I saw. Lol. We shared many things in common then, and we still do till this day. Once we actually spoke, it was honestly like meeting someone that I had known my whole life.


Why do you travel? Self-pleasure or work.

Jazz: Self-pleasure to avoid work! *mischievous laugh*  Diamond: Mostly for pleasure. However, I also often find myself being sent to the West Coast for work.

Hotels, Hostels or Airbnb?

J&D: Definitely Airbnb for us. It’s really nice to be able to have the extra amenities and space that the host tend to offer. It’s cool to be able to pick and choose what you get/want in travel space. With that being said, hotels are okay too, and though neither one of us have stayed in a hostel, it is not out of the question.

Do you have specific habits that either of you stick to when traveling? Dos and don'ts?   

J&D: We make it a habit to be open to changes. Not everything is going to go according to plans and that is okay. As long as you are enjoying yourself, that is really all that matters.

What has been the most interesting item of food you've tasted during your travels? 

J&D: Charbroiled oysters in New Orleans for sure. We were a bit skeptical, but they were so good that we ended up ordering a second plate!


How has travel affected your connection with your partner?

Diamond: For me it has confirmed how well we fit together. No matter where we go I never feel like I’m far from home. I’m so comfortable traveling with Jazz that I often forget that we are even in another town or city.  Jazz: Travel has allowed me to get to know Diamond in elements outside of our typical and daily routines. It’s awesome to get to see your partner interact in spaces besides their own and to watch them engage with different communities, cultures, foods, and more. I guess travel has really confirmed how multifaceted my girl is.


What is the most significant thing you’ve learned about your partner so far during your travels?  

Diamond: I’ve learned how efficient and organized Jazz is especially when it comes to packing! I tend to be all over the place, but Jazz is always thinking three steps ahead. Whatever I forget, she has. Jazz: The most significant thing that I’ve learned about Diamond while traveling is that she is very easy going. She tends to go with the flow and that’s really just an extension of her personality.


Which one of you has the better sense of direction? Anyone hate getting lost?

Diamond: That’s hard because Jazz is better at reading maps but I’m more likely to remember different land marks…so I don’t know. I don’t know that either one of us could be considered an expert, but at least together we tend to find our way. *laughs*


While traveling, are you both early risers or a relaxer (sleeping in)?

J&D: RELAXERS. We love to be able to rest and catch-up on sleep during vacay. Whatever it is that we want to visit will still be there when we wake up, lol.


What is your dream destination? 

J&D: Phuket, Thailand. It’s number one on both of our bucket list.

What advice would you give to a solo or group traveler?

Diamond: If the make, model, and license plate number do not match the car/driver description listed in your Uber app (or whatever form of auto app you use), please do not get in the vehicle.  Jazz: For the solo travelers of the world, always make sure that at least someone knows where you are when you’re traveling and what time that they could expect to hear from you. Also, for all travelers, it helps you keep your location on! I’ve gotten separated once or twice (both intentionally and unintentionally at times, lol), and dropping a pin made reconnecting with others an ease.

What's next for both of you? Any future trips?

J&D: Next up is Brooklyn New York’s Afropunk music festival. That is coming up at the end of August and we are both really excited. It is going to be the first time attending for the both of us.