Tell us about you. Who is Kenya  M.?

    Born and raised in California who has ventured to many states, but currently calls Maryland home.


What inspired you to start traveling? 

     I was born in Los Angeles which to me are my roots and as soon as I was able to rent a car, I’d travel from No. Cal to S. Cal to connect with family there. When I went away to school in S. Cal I made my first trip to New York with some ladies in my undergrad program. From that point on I wanted to explore more of the world. One job I had after graduating sent everyone to Omaha, NE a place I’d never thought to visit. I have visited Maryland on several occasions and it felt like home to me. I have lived in Florida, Georgia, Texas and now Maryland. Being in Maryland gives me easy access to many states within driving distance. For my birthday last year I got my passport and hopefully before December, I’ll get my first stamp.  


Do you typically travel solo or with a group? 

    Depends, but I prefer solo. New York in 1999 was my first group trip.


How often do you travel in say a year? 

    Two  to three times a year and generally just state to state.


Is there such a thing as a favorite vacation spot for you? Or a place you will easily revisit? 

    I currently do not have one, but right now San Francisco (home) is always great to visit for the food and family.


What determines your traveling destinations/plans? What's your planning process?  

    Money is always the driving force which determines where I go. Recently my travels have been related to events ie wedding reception, birthdays, it’s a holiday and I have extra dollars or I just need to get away.


 What have you learned about yourself from traveling? 

    I like peace and quiet! I enjoy the company of others, but I love my me time.


Any words of wisdom for folks who want to travel? 

    Make the best of it! And if you’re traveling with other people, make sure you can withstand them for the amount of time you’ll be traveling.

Where to next? 

    Possibly Jacksonville (tix bought), but may not happen or South Carolina. Hopefully San Francisco for Thanksgiving and then a cruise with my friends in December to Nassau and Cuba.

Traveling Folk!

Kenya M.
Current Location: Maryland, USA