Traveling  Folk!

Michael S.

Current Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Tell us about you. Who is Michael S.? 

Michael, is a 41 year old gay man, husband, father, grandfather. Born in the California SF Bay Area, but now living in the Salt Lake Metro. I was a meteorologist for 20 years, and recently laid off, but ready for the next chapter ahead. 


What inspired you to start traveling?

I was inspired to travel first, watching a marathon of Rick Steves on PBS back in 2000. All these little back doors to seek out, and explore. 


You're married, do you typically travel solo or with your husband?

Since being married, I have mainly traveled with hubby, a couple Hawaiian trips, though I'm not at all opposed to solo travel, he might be. 


How often do you travel in say a year? As a couple?

We have tried to make one or two trips a year thus far. 

Is there such a thing as a favorite vacation spot for you? Or a place you will easily revisit?

The Hawaiian Islands call us back over and over, but its certainly worth seeing new things too. 

What determines your traveling destinations/plans? What's your planning process? 

Available travel miles, and possible family get togethers often are inspirations. Family living abroad, or stationed in the military. 

What have you learned about yourself from traveling? 

I have learned to be braver to try new things, public transport, foods, trying new language out. Or learning more Spanish and using it!


Any words of wisdom for folks who want to travel?

Dont think you cannot manage a foreign country, you can, people are patient, kind, and want to show you their home. People live every day where you are going, so you can buy anything you need, in fact go shopping for fun too!