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10 Places We "Might" Go

We're officially gearing up for our trip to Barcelona, Spain. The itinerary is mapped out (for us in Barcelona and for the kids while we are away). Does anyone else have to come up with work for their children when going away to make sure they stay busy enough to stay out of any trouble? That's another topic for another day. 

For now, here are the 10 sights we have our eyes on in Barcelona, in no particular order or at least that's what I'm telling Kat, who is leaving the planning up to me. Hopefully, we will make it to all. I will be thrilled if we get to some. 

1. La Basilica de Sagrada Familia

2. Las Ramblas

3. Museo de Erotica

4. Park Guell

5. Montserrat

6. Versailles (historic gay bar)

7. Libreria Complices bookstore (LGBTQ owned and operated)

8. Axel Hotel (LGBTQ owned and operated hotel)

9. Eixample District

10. La Boqueteria

If you think this list is lacking--leave me your Must-Do's @Wandering_Soup on IG.

Safe travels wherever your journey takes you!


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