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180 Days...

You've left and you probably thought that as soon as you stepped off the plane, bus or boat into your new country that life would instantly be better, that you would be better. All those problems, stress and strain that you had in your old country are now gone.


That's not realistic and a dream/nightmare thought process that you should leave behind in your old country. If not, you will be back on that plane, bus or boat heading back home mad at the world for not giving what you deserve.

What you deserve is to take it one day at a time, 180 days at a time. It takes at least that long to start to establish your new normal once you leave. And I said start, not totally complete it. And six months may be early for some. How Long Does it Really Take to Settle Into a New Country?I truly believe it takes at least a year of going thru the seasons to establish a sense of normalcy that humans need and crave. Paying bills, grocery shopping, finding your new favorite restaurant or bar, even the best pathway to get back home from work. All those things take time, energy and patience. But 180 days will at least have you focusing on a different pathway, easing into your new norms and hopefully enjoying where you are at in the process.

Think about it. You are moving possibly thousands of miles from whence you came. Possibly in a totally different language, culture, cuisine, even weather. Why should all this "newness" be resolved in a day or a month? It shouldn't or rather it won't, even if you are a person who effortlessly sets up routines. You will be experiencing life from a total different perspective and let's remember that's one of the reasons you moved.

Remember to be easy with self and why you made the big move.


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