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3 Months in Siem Reap | Wandering Soup

It's been officially three months that we've resided in Siem Reap, Cambodia and it's still a shock some mornings, mainly when we wake up to no electricity. But other than than it's the normal changes and adaptations that you would expect with a move to a new city, let alone country. No lie, the weekly maid service helps!

We've figured out our favorite grocery stores and yes they have them, favorite coffee shops and restaurants because food is life. We've made our apartment into a home with the addition of a few things and have to fight not to add more. They showed the boy how to turn the pool lights on at night and now he think he doing something on his nightly swims. He need lessons but don't tell him that cause...teen spirit and all.

We are also keep debating on how long this will be home as we plot out the other places we want to see. Malaysia and Thailand are next, followed by Bali and somewhere in between those two Vietnam or Laos maybe. Where do you think we should go?

That was really the reason for the move, to see the world while our bodies and minds allowed us the freedom to do so. And let me tell you a few days my body has said no sis, just no. Food poisoning, bad knees and old backs will do that to you. I'm not going to even mention the heat cause it is what it is. Though I will say the last month has been great and cooler than the US temp wise. Jealous much? Probably not but hey...

We are attempting to get back to Vlogging and posting more videos but the couch and Netflix keeps calling me and my mastery of either is lacking. Any Netflix recommends? I've also been going "Live" on Facebook more, is that a good thing or naw?

We are adjusting to life in Cambodia, quicker than expected. Loving some things, dealing with others like that electric bill that shocked our pockets. And the stink, being honest the city stinks. It's beautifully ugly but the sewer system could use some work, along with city trash. I can't wait to come back in 20 years to see how this city has grown, you can feel it, the energy of it all.

All that to say if not now, when? And you know what I'm talking about. Jump. Fly. Run. Bounce. Do it all.


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