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5 Best Countries for African-American LGBTQI in 2021!

It's time for an update to our popular "Best Countries" to move to list from 2020 and although the world does turn there haven't been any minor or major miracles of changes to policies. This year we decided to tighten the scope a little bit more and limit the number of countries that we recommend. Not that any of the ones mentioned in our 2020 list are bad or worse this year. Instead we wanted to focus more on the options there. As with our previous list these aren't numbered from 1 to 5 in greatness and more about regions of the world that may interest you.

South America

Same as last year, If being LGBTQI in South America is your goal, then you can't go wrong in regards to Uruguay which has some of the most liberal LGBTQI laws and rights in the world. Skin color will be a factor due to the effects of colonization, similar to the rest of the world.

There are "Black" people in Uruguay (9%) titled Afro-Uruguayans, and unfortunately they are among the poorest people in the country due to continued marginalization that is still present today. All that to say, you will possibly face discrimination due to your skin color in Uruguay though being "American" or from some other country may open more doors than close them. With all that being said we advise that you are cognizant and aware of your city and neighborhood choice as this will make a world of difference and possibly make an okay move into a great move.

North America

If you are from the U.S. and wanting to be relatively close to home without being home along with being OUT then Mexico is going to be the country for you. Mexico was an honorable mention on our list in 2020 but we are bumping it up after living here for the last six months and experiencing nothing but greatness. We are not going to minimize anyone else's experience or say that being Black may not have issues in some microaggression way. That is always a possibility as Mexico has it's own inherent issues due to colonization and with Black Mexicans.

As with Uruguay and any country really do your research regarding what state/city/town you want to move to. Being an OUT LGBTQI member will not be wholly accepted with ease everywhere due to the Catholic religion that essentially runs the lands even with protection laws in place.

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If South East Asia is where you have your sights set we recommend Taiwan simply because of the three countries we listed last year it is still the only one with protection laws on the books. Though I must stress that we loved Vietnam and Thailand and would easily place either as a contender. There have been issues since the passing of LGBTQI rights which is to be expected but nothing that should prevent you, a foreigner, from living there.

With that being said being Black will be obvious and as with most Asia countries stereotypes spurred by Western media are there and can be prevalent depending on the location/situation. We recommend that you build your community and become a part of the community if this becomes your new home.

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You may have noticed a trend here, we lend towards countries with LGBTIQ rights on the books and Spain is no exception with same sex marriage being legal there since 2005. Add to it it's one of the more openly OUT countries and you generally won't have an issue there in that regard. Unfortunately being Black may be your biggest issue as. Unlike Vietnam, Thailand, and Taiwan where racism has been assisted by Western media and biases, Spain has it's own history of enslavement and colonization. As such there are issues, political and otherwise, that are more obvious when it comes to immigration, policing, and blackface.

Choose your city/neighborhood wisely.

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Is new to our list and I felt it was necessary when speaking of Black folks and moving "home" possibly. The only real choice when looking at the continent is going to be South Africa, unfortunately, with laws on the book since 1998. Are there other countries that you can exist in, yes but you won't be OUT, out and you already have that in America. Why move to continue that?

Of all the countries that we've listed being Black will be the least of your worries here on the surface although due to colonization and racism being Black will still be an issue. Being American or another native may help you here, maybe.

There are significantly high rates of poverty, social inequality, unemployment amongst the native Black South Africans that is being fought for/over daily. Be mindful of the neighborhood that you move to.

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