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5 Best Travel Apps | Wandering Travel Tours

We all have these things called cell phones with which we use to manage our lives, even if it's only our lives on Facebook and IG. I personally attempt to limit the number of apps on my phone because I'm old and stodgy and don't like clutter in real life or on my phone. All that being said below are my top 5 travel Apps, the ones I actually let my phone update.

1. WhatsApp - This is a no brainer, it's the easiest/freest (is that a word??) way to keep in contact with friends and family when traveling along with giving you the ability to contact your hotel, airline or uber driver. You can call, video chat, text, send images, and voice memos. Plus, you can download WhatsApp on your Windows or Mac computer. I use this app for daily communication and rarely text message anyone using my phones preferred text message app, at home or traveling.

2. Currency Converter - I use a basic one that does everything I need, no major changes and no extra information needed. I choose the country, put in the amount and it changes it to USD or whatever currency I want it to. It also does this on and offline. I live by this app when pricing anything and everything for my trips and during my travel.

3. Uber/Grab - Either of those will work, check which country they are allowed in.

4. Bank - You need to have access to your money while traveling to not only keep abreast of your spending but also to ease of contact if there are any issues. If your bank doesn't have a safe, secure reliable mobile app, get a new bank. Or at least a new bank for your traveling needs. No, just get a new bank.

5. Mobile Passport - Straight from the horses mouth "allows U.S. citizens and Canadian visitors to use the Mobile Passport app to expedite their entry process into the United States." Just that simple, you know those long lines that you stand in at Customs after getting off that 12hr flight? Yea, this will help you avoid those. Download this APP!

Extra - Google Translate - I use this when I'm realize that getting louder doesn't equal translating from English to whatever language I'm trying to buy something in or get directions. I can honestly say it worked in China but most other places I winged it by pointing.

There are literally hundreds more that will work for you depending on how you plan and travel so do your research and don't forget to delete the one's you don't use. Phone clutter is a serious thing that needs to be eliminated!


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