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5 More of 10-Barcelona, Spain

In the last blog, I shared the places I've planned for us to hit up in Spain. So far, so good on that front.

Now I'm trying to see where we can go to get our grown, gay, and sexy on. There are some legendary spots in Spain that I think we would be remiss not to visit  (being the black lesbian cultural ambassadors we are). This list includes a few of these: 1.Versailles - Described on TripAdvisor as a "great and authentic gay bar," had me wondering what an "unauthentic" gay bar looks like.

But, it's good information to know. Apparently, this is one of the oldest gay venues in Spain and is known for its excellent service, drinks, and (mostly) English-speaking staff. This place is definitely a go.

2. Libreria Complices- This is the first gay and lesbian bookstore in Spain and is known for its variety of LGBTQ lit as well as being one of the last brick-and-mortar LGBTQ bookstore in existence.

As a reader and a people-watcher, I am insistent upon us getting here and hanging out for a bit.

3. Axel Hotel - This gay-owned hotel hosts/sponsors Pride events all year round. From the pictures, it is a lovely modern hotel known for its sky bar/restaurant. I hope the food is as good as the place is colorful.

4. Eixample District - This neighborhood is known to be the center for nightlife and progressive shops, vendors, artsy types, etc. Eixample is also the hub for all things gay in Spain, so we can take our time in this sprawling area, enjoying all the cafes, museums, and stores have to offer.

5. La Boqueteria- This is touted as a special destination for foodies. It is located on La Rambla and is one of the largest street markets in the world. I plan to go and spend the day getting full and happy.

It is finally starting to feel like Fall, and I'm looking forward to enjoying it in Spain. Tell me anything you don't see on this list that should be there.   Safe travels wherever your journey takes you! Amber 

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