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5 Quick Tips for Packing! | Wandering Travel Tours

I am a one bag per trip woman, Amber on the other hand thinks five or more is perfectly acceptable. And I admit that she's really cute when we are walking around vs my more utilitarian look. But still I have one bag and she has five. Four of which I have to help her with.

I am slowly moving her over to the less is more philosophy of thought and wanted to share some tips with you on how to pack. Maybe she'll read this and learn also. Maybe.

1. Make a packing list. Check it twice and eliminate non essential items that will only be used once or items that can't be purchased cheaply on your travels.

2. Never check essential items or anything that has "high" monetary value, this includes medicines, jewelry, paperwork, keys, cameras, laptops. All those things go with you in your carry on bag.

3. Find out "all" the airlines you will be traveling on baggage fee's. Some give more than others. I'm looking at you Southwest with that delicious two bags for free offering.

4. Layers are your friend in more ways than one. First, pack items in layers such as shoes one layer, clothes one layer, personal gear one layer. This will help TSA and security scanning in general. Secondly layered packing will benefit you if you are going through different climes during your travels. It's easier to strip down vs shiver.

5. And last but not least, use packing cubes. They don't prevent you from over packing per se but they will help you get organized. I have the four cube set. One cube is for undies and stuff of that nature, another is for "tops", another for "bottoms" and the other is for personal items like soap, oils, jewelry (the cheap stuff). Once those cubes are filled that's the end of packing for me.


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