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5 Reasons to fall in love with Chiang Mai | Wandering Soup

We went to Chiang Mai for Loi Krathong or Lantern Festival and fell in love with the city and all it's charms. Actually all the love you could have for a city that we only spent 8 days in--really 7 but who's counting. We did. Lawd we did. I started counting down on day 4 and got a little bit sadder each day but not sad enough not to enjoy our time there. Amber was surprised when I told her it was time to start packing, I think she secretly had moved in and was setting up home.

The reasons why we fell in love with Chiang Mai are myriad, some concrete and others more of a feeling.

1. Weather - it was perfect. Warm, sunny and still rather breezy at times. Especially at night. We walked our neighborhood and the city and broke into a more than manageable sweat. I'll take that over the hot-as-Hades summer we've recently experienced.

2. Size - The city itself is on the small side but has big city feels. After the third day, I recognized streets and stores and even could possibly give directions if need be. It's an easily digest-able city if you are looking to explore and actually feel as if you can see/visit all parts during a vacation or extended stay.

3. Convenience/Traffic/Modern City Amenities - If you want it you can get it in Chiang Mai. Shopping, entertainment, and restaurants. Along with a good dose of cultural diversity from locals as well as tourists. I didn't feel like a raisin in a glass of milk. And I can't forget the traffic--it's there, so plan accordingly. Fortunately GRAB is up and running smoothly in Thailand, please use it and pass on the scooter rentals.

4. Food - We honestly didn't have a bad meal in Chiang Mai whether it was Thai, Seafood, Indian, or Western. We sampled it all and more importantly enjoyed it all. And it was all relatively cheap compared to American prices, with great portions or rather the portions that you should be eating.

5. Energy - There are over 300 Buddhist temples; our tour guide on one of the many temple tours offered said 2000, and honestly it feels like it. Temples pop up on every street, randomly. I believe this contributes to the overall good energy that covers the city. I felt relaxed and energized while there.

Pra Nakprok - Naga Throne

Born on Saturday


P.S. Amber says I should mention the plethora of used bookstores!

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