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5 Things My Dog | Wandering Soup

Has taught me about living...

I was sitting on my couch and staring into nothingness, when my doggie caught my eye. Mainly because she was staring at me...with no blinking of those big black eyes of hers (see pic above for an example). I got up and let her out to go outside. Essentially that's what she was telling me. That she wanted to go outside. Her silent staring got me to thinking about life and how she keeps it simple.

Below are the 5 "Things" my fur baby has taught me about living.

1. Get rest. Nap. Sleep. Close your eyes. Whatever you want to call it. Just get plenty of it daily. Make resting as much a priority as working and eating. And speaking of eating...

2. Eat all the good food. Walk away, with an attitude, from the bad. It's really that simple.

3. Bark at life! Let everyone know when you are happy or sad. And remember to let the sadness out as quickly as you let the happiness in. In other words use your words and express your emotions. Those who don't "hear you", don't need to be in your life.

4. Stare at something long enough and it might be yours. In essence work towards what you want. Be it that job, school or trip. Somethings take work...and a really good credit card with low interest rates.

5. Stay Ready! When I grab my keys and purse, Oreo's head pops up and then the rest of her follows as she moseys on over to the door as if she know she is going too. I don't have to ask if she wants to go. She's letting me know. I'm ready sis. Stay ready.


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