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5 Things to do in Merida

Look to paraphrase a woman who has lived and loved "I'm an honest ho and all my ho's is honest".

And I know you are slow blinking while asking where is Kat going with this and if I'm being truthful I'm slightly staring at the screen in bafflement as well. But alas I'm honest if nothing else. Some of the things on this list we have not done because well I (Amber to...) can be a tad bit lazy and the couch is comfy. Blame it on the Taurus in me who likes to nestle in her nest while adding in a lil bit of Covid and you get a picture of me in the urban dictionary next to a picture of the phrase "what did you do today" and the answer is "nothing.

Still here's a list of things you should do in Merida!

1. Lucas de Galvez Market Merida I know I said "the Covid" is among us but still if you have to shop or if you want to shop head here. Go on week day to slightly avoid the heavier crowds that the weekend produces and of course mask up as the local laws state. There is lots to do here including grabbing a bit to eat from the many restaurants and fruit vendors that line this huge shopping zona.

2. Paseo de Montejo, Merida

If you do nothing else during your trip here, you have to take a stroll on Paseo de Montejo. This beautiful tree lined boulevard is the perfect after dinner walk on a balmy Saturday or Sunday night. Everyone is out, the smiles, horse drawn carriages and of course a street cart selling marquesitas or elotes. There are shops, restaurants and bars. Something for everyone on this street. Take a few hours and enjoy!

3. Enjoy the many Parks and Plazas

One of the things that I think no one truly talks about here is the many city parks and plazas that seem to appear as if by magic every few blocks. They are perfect havens from the relentless heat during the day and even more perfect for people watching, family gatherings in the evenings. And don't forget the free wifi!

Parque Santiago, Parque Santa Lucia, Parque Santa Ana; Parque de San Juan are just a few.

4. La Biciruta

Like bike riding? Love Paseo de Montejo? Then La Biciruta on Sunday mornings are for you! Enjoy a lovely ride up and down the boulevard on a rented bike. Commune with nature in safety as the street itself is blocked off from car traffic. Don't like bike riding, come and stroll. Enjoy breakfast at one of the many cafes.

5. Museums

If Mayan history is something you want to know about then you are in the perfect city to explore and learn. Many of the museums are not only free but air conditioned! That's a double win.

Museo Fernando García Ponce-Macay, Merida

Casa de Montejo

Catedral de San Ildefonso

Palacio Municipal

Palacio de Gobierno

Eat all the food, this isn't number 6 because it's understood! Grab some taco's, try Pibil. All while doing of the above.


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