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5 Ways To Be a Tourist in Your City! | Wandering Travel Tours

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5 Ways to be a tourist in your city

We live in the great southern city of Atlanta, Georgia (well near enough) and honestly we love it. The weather is great most of the year, top notch restaurants, beautiful museums and parks. What isn't there to love?

Even with knowing all that we know about the city, we still seek out new things to do and of course new places to eat. Below are our 5 Tips/Sites for exploring your hometown as a tourist.

1. Yelp! We have to start out with the food because we are Wandering Soup! and Yelp is our first go-to when looking for the latest and greatest restaurants and even food trends. We attempt to find a new place to try monthly. We would do more but we have our favorites for a reason. And bills. We have bills. And kids. Yep, kids. Also subscribe to Eater, they send out a great weekly update on restaurant openings and closing in your city.

2. TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor is the father of all review sites and should be used as the expert site it is for a quick look at everything to do in your city, places to eat and even hotels for that perfect staycation.

3. Speaking of Staycations. We recommend at least one a year. Get a great hotel in the center of things and treat the city as if you are seeing it for the first time. Take a stroll down the main drag, grab coffee or tea at the local mom and pop spot and of course make dinner reservations at that one restaurant that you've been hearing all about.

4. Facebook. If there is an event happening in your area, it's more than likely going to have a Facebook page. You can look by the day, week or month along with specific things to do such as Art, Food, Literature, and Music.

5. VisitACity. Great site, very similar to TripAdvisor except you just put in the city and it really does all the work for you. It also gives you a one, two, three or even four day travel guide to help you see your city or town!


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