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6 Travel Tips for Traveling "AFTER" a Pandemic

It's a weird time in the world right now for various reasons (Covid-19, inflation, gas costs) and the travel industry is no exception. Covid-19 pandemic has changed the business and leisure of travel and you need to be aware and flexible if you are planning on traveling within the next six months to a year.

1. All airlines are canceling flights left and right for various reasons (no staff, sickness). The easiest way to navigate this is to add an extra day (if possible) to your vacation or event plans. If you have specific events planned on your vacation, arrive a day early. This early travel day will allow for possible cancellations of your flights and gives you much needed flexibility.

2. Purchase insurance! If all the flight cancellations, business closing and medical issues didn't teach you anything during the pandemic it should have taught you that you need travel insurance. Life insurance isn't a bad thing either. I'm just saying Gofundme's are not the way to go thru life or death.

3. Covid-19 is still a thing and you may become sick while traveling as such, have a contingency plan in place before you travel. This will lessen the stress of the situation of being sick in a foreign land where you may not speak the language. This also isn't the season to "move in silence", let your family and friends know that you are traveling and keep in contact with them as you travel.

4. Traveling while broke may not be the best travel model right now for the reasons mentioned above. Invest in a good travel credit card and more importantly don't forget to let your bank know that you will be traveling. For you Americans, pre-pay debit cards should not be your primary card used for travel as more than likely it won't work.

5. Masks may not be the law of the land where you live but that doesn't mean where you are going is the same. Ensure you have extra masks, alcohol-based hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes with you when you travel. And more importantly use them.

6. Take a Covid-19 test before departing. Nothing worse than arriving at your dream vacation destination and realizing that the slight cold you thought you had has now turned into Covid-19. 10 Days in a hotel room with sub-par food and basic service is not what you wanted and spent your hard earned dollars on.


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