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7 Days in Kuala Lumpur | Wandering Soup

We have done it, it being one week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Honestly it's been an easy transition from Cambodia to here due to a few things. One being that we've been here and two that KL is a modern cosmopolitan city. Very much in contrast to Siem Reap, so much so that even the not so great things outweigh Cambodia. TO US. I figured I would have to write that in all caps so that anyone who thinks the opposite won't shoot me the middle finger.

When contemplating moving here we decided to live in an area different than the previous visits, one that was hopefully quieter and less hectic, in other words surburbia. Or as close as you can get to surburbia without having a car.

KL is bustling and there is always traffic, standstill why did I decide to go to the grocery store at 5pm traffic. We've gotten away from that in Cambodia and the most we've spent in traffic was maybe 10 minutes extra. Here we spent 30mins sitting. Just sitting waiting on the traffic to move. I fell asleep. It was a good nap.

All that aside we like our apartment, it's smaller than others we've stayed in but as we navigate this expat life I've come to appreciate a smaller living space and if/when we move back to the U.S. it will be to a much smaller abode.

We've found our go to grocery store, mall and a few fav restaurants. Everyone has claimed a particular seat in the house or section of the couch as theirs. In other words, we are home. For now. Now its on to exploring and doing things we haven't done in previous visits. Chinese New Year is this weekend and we are planning on being out and about as much as possible, pics soon come!


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