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90 Days and Counting! - Wandering Soup

My how time flies when you are having fun! And we have had some fun here in Merida, along with some other stuff. Adjusting would be the word that should be used here. We are learning anew if you will and spending money like we rich!

Surprise...we are not. Those tacos add up...along with really good food from Oliva.

Being honest this blog should have went live a few days ago and being even more honest I just...didn't hit publish for reasons only known to those who procrastinate with "good intentions". I've made a goal of getting back to writing here and other places. Funny enough I'm not reading much either and I've made promises to myself on that. Shout out to Fiona and her new book which I promise you will be of these days. So many promises and goals. 2021 is going to be...a year. Yep, a year.

All that to say I've been lazy but busy! We, a collective we, are settling into the new home. Amber is enjoying her outdoor office in front of the pool while the temperature allows. Our son is attending school and has been commended for being present and let's be honest that's a good thing during this "panarama". I'm making plans, promises and goals along with vlogs, short stories and tacos.

As we are settling in we are thinking on the extras that we always need and one of those is a tea kettle. Ya'll...why are electric tea kettles so fancy? Or why is that Amber and I just like the fancy ones with lights, bells and whistles in the midst of the boiling water. Who knew a tea kettle could be sexy? I mean in a boiling kind of way. Anyway, Amber's the tea drinker in the family but she is slowly converting me to the "Tea Team". Shout out to another friend Dani and her specialty tea company Tea Amo.

We have narrowed down our counter top oven selection but honestly it's so hot in that kitchen I don't know if I'm going to use it anytime before...winter. Next winter. Speaking of winter, this one is slowly fading out in Merida and to put it mildly we have enjoyed the heck out of it! We even wore long sleeves/jackets one or two nights. Now...nope. By 10am or 11am it feels like a different world around here, a hot one. Summer is going to...hurt.

Other than all that we are loving our community, enjoying our new neighborhood and planning out the next grocery trip. In other words we are living the best life possible in Merida, Mexico!

See ya next week....maybe.


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