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That's how I feel the last week or so has been. Get up and go...nowhere. A few days I barely left my bed due to what I'll never know EXCEPT my body saying it was beyond tired and was going to lay it down. With my permission or not.

So I did. Laid it down that is. I also listened. Deciphered. And mostly obeyed. In listening I recognized again that I'm getting older, which is one of the reasons we went on this journey now instead of later. And yea, my body is doing what it does when it ages. Hurting, settling in and generally counting down.

Deciphering told me that some of the things I've been ingesting just aren't for me any more. As a result I've changed my habits, forced to really. Laying off the caffeine, moving to a more fish/seafood based diet, less other things. Fortunately not being in America, but more importantly being in Malaysia, makes this easier.

My family has a history of high blood pressure, obesity, cancer and everything else that ails Black folks in America. I want to be the exception or at least one of the exceptions to the rule. Also recognizing that while doing this traveling/expat/we searching for a home journey, the last thing I want to be on is American based medication beyond my daily allergy and probiotic pill.

I have goals, mental and physical, they aren't lofty and nothing to write home about but they are mine and I am putting them into place, starting today.

On the flip side, this left knee of mine hates me and all these miles I'm walking...keep it lifted.


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