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As a Lesbian

Traveling with a partner is the start of a new journey for me. I have never been married before, and my wife and I both love travel, so with Kat, it is an entirely different experience.

With her, I am able to be affectionate at any time because we are both the touchy-feely type. I am used to walking with her and holding her hand or touching her. When we travel, the challenge then becomes considering where it is safe to do this and where it is not. With children, we have to take this consideration even more seriously.

I believe in living life out loud as much as possible, but I am acutely aware that everywhere isn’t Atlanta, or New York, or San Francisco.

When abroad, I want to love on my wife as I would anywhere, but I will do so with protecting her and our family in mind. We are very big Yelp and TripAdvisor fans and certainly do our research before we go anywhere, but some things you have to learn on the ground.

We will be sharing our perspective/recommendations in the hopes that it will help others in the LGBTQ community who also seek gay-friendly accommodations and experiences when traveling. I can’t say enough about how lovely it felt to relax at the Rooster Café in the Plaka neighborhood in Greece with other “family.” It was like home away from home away from home.

How do other couples, families, and singles move around? What is your philosophy on traveling while lesbian/queer/gay/trans? We invite your stories as well and will be sharing some of them on our site soon.

Happy (and safe) Travels!


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