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Backpacks, Carry-on's & Suitcases | Wandering Travel Tours

We are gearing up for the big move and talking bags, travel bags: Back packs, carry on's and suitcases.

We have decided on one "big" family bag that contains essentials in Cambodia. It will include things like decent sheets, soaps, towels and other things that we think we need but honestly probably won't miss.

We also all get one personal bag that will be checked. This one should contain clothes and things of that nature. Mine will contain T-shirts and these and socks, lots of socks. Don't ask me why but socks seem to disappear around me. And of course sneakers. Which is an entirely different blog because I'm debating on those to, in my head. Functional but cute is my goal. Throw some recommends my way.

The big family debate is what type of backpack for each of us when we do our "touring" of SE Asia. I've googled all the travel groups for the best backpacks and the Osprey brand tends to pop up quite a bit or at least a version of it. I like it but I'm wondering if it's really to much and if I should stick to a simpler regular carry-on. My back is older than me in dog years and may give out before I do.

What say you reader, what do you recommend? What's your fav travel bag?


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